Violent killings of women and girls in Britain at highest rate in 13 YEARS – The Sun

VIOLENT killings of women and girls in Britain have rocketed to the highest level in 13 years, official figures show.

The number of women and girls killed in England and Wales surged between March 2018 and March 2019, reaching the highest rate on record since 2006.

In total, 241 women and girls were killed during the one year period – a 10% rise from 220.

Almost half of the adult women were killed in domestic homicides and in 38% of those cases it was the woman’s partner or ex suspected as her killer.

According to the Office for National Statistics female victims were most likely to be killed in or near their home, accounting for 71% or 170 offences.

Alex Mayes, external affairs manager at charity Victim Support, said: "It is deeply disturbing to see that more women are being killed, in part, due to a rise in homicides as a result of domestic abuse.

"These statistics highlight the fatal impact of domestic abuse, and show how much more needs to be done to tackle abuse and keep victims safe."


Overall, there were 662 separate homicide incidents in the period – including children, men and women – up 3% from the 644 the previous year and the highest since 2008, when there were 712.

The most common method of killing was stabbing, with 259 homicides committed with a knife or sharp instrument.

There were 671 victims of homicide in total, 5%, fewer than the previous year.

This is the first fall since 2015, partly due to the London and Manchester terror attacks and the Shoreham air crash which were included in 2018 figures.

Among the female victims killed in the one year period was Jodie Chesney, a 17-year-old girl who was brutally knifed and murdered by thugs at a playground in East London last year.

Another victim, Lucy McHugh was killed in July 2018, almost a year before evil Stephen Nicholson was found guilty of her "execution-style" murder.

Kelly Mary Fauvrelle, 26, was eight months pregnant when she was found with stab injuries at her home in Thornton Heath in July last year.


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