Waffle iron in your kitchen

Waffles will be a wonderful and delicious breakfast, a favorite dessert, which can be prepared on a regular and public holiday for the whole family. You can surprise your guests with waffles with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate, with air cream and fruit, you can find a recipe for wafers for every taste.
A waffle Gorenje iron can be your great assistant in making desserts, and the price of Gorenje WCM 702 PW is very affordable!
There are several types of waffles. Before you buy a waffle iron, you need to choose the two wafers from the two main types that you want to cook at home, because a standard waffle iron can only cook them. The main choice is the desired wafer thickness.
The wafers that are popular now are called Belgian, they are voluminous and soft, their difference from ordinary waffles is that they have deep cells over the entire surface of the waffle. A waffle iron can have different forms for baking, usually they are rectangular, but can also be in the form of hearts.
Using a waffle iron for thin wafers, a crisper wafer is baked, which can be cut to the desired shape, cut in half, cook wafer rolls or a horn by twisting the waffle. Any changes will be successful while it is warm.
Electric waffle irons will help you prepare homemade waffles and horns with a wide variety of fillings and fillings for your family.
Modern waffle irons are designed for convenient, quick and safe cooking, they have:

  • two heating elements for uniform baking on both sides at the same time,
  • non-stick coating that will not allow the wafer to burn,
  • a clip or lock for fixing the plates,
  • temperature indicator, which informs about heating to the required temperature,
  • heat-resistant handles that do not heat up and can be picked up without fear,
  • some models have overheat protection and a timer.

In addition to the waffle iron, a booklet of recipes for various waffles is attached.
The size of the waffle iron depends on how many waffles you are going to bake and how often, but note that the more waffles you can bake at 1 time, the larger the waffle iron in size and more space will be required to store this kitchen appliance. The average power of a standard waffle iron is about 700-800 W, and the weight will be 2 kg.
Buying a waffle iron will not be a problem, because our site has a large selection of waffle irons!