Weepy City Council wannabe gets off easy for trying to swindle city out of $20K

A City Council-member wannabe got wrist-slapped with a no-prison sentence Friday for trying to swindle the city out of almost $20,000 in candidate matching funds — after sobbing her way through a plea for leniency.

“I just first want to say I appreciate you hearing our case because I think you’re a fair judge,” Celia Dosamantes, 26, flattered Manhattan Supreme Court Justice A. Kirke Bartley Jr., who had presided over her January forgery trial.

“I understand this verdict . . . but honestly I ran for honest reasons, and I really care about my community, and that’s why I ran for ­office,” she cried.

“I just ask for leniency. I am a good person, not the person who is being presented in this court.”

Leniency is what she got, even without an apology or an admission of guilt.

Eligible for one to four years in state prison — the sentence prosecutors asked for — Dosamantes was instead sentenced to four months of weekends in a city lockup.

Dosamantes must also serve five years’ probation and do 400 hours of community service.

“I find myself in agreement with the defendant — she has the capability of being a benefit to the community,” the judge said.

“I’m going to temper my sentence. I’m not going to sentence you to state prison.”

Dosamantes had run unsuccessfully for a City Council seat representing Queens in 2015.

During her run, she forged 35 contribution cards in an attempt to collect city matching funds of $19,530.

The Campaign Finance Board caught the forgeries. Dosamantes not only lost her campaign but never got the loot.

Dosamantes’ family members and other supporters jammed the courtroom for Friday’s sentencing, during which prosecutors slammed her for failing to admit to her crime and for going through six lawyers in the three years since her arrest.

Among some 60 letters of support was one from Dosamantes’ mother — who blamed Queens Democrats for not supporting her daughter, noted the prosecutor, Emily Farber.

“No one mentions the elephant in the room,” Farber told the judge. “She has not once accepted or taken personal responsibility.”

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