Where's Hunter? Joe Biden's scandal-hit son, 50, is nowhere to be seen

Where’s Hunter? Joe Biden’s wife, daughter and even grandchildren join him on campaign trial – but his scandal-hit son, 50, is nowhere to be seen

  • Hunter Biden, 50, not seen since video of support for father Joe Biden in August 
  • Hunter and third wife Melissa and baby not living at their Hollywood Hills home
  • Social media is awash with possible sightings, from Mexico to the Caribbean

While Joe Biden’s wife Jill, daughter Ashley and his grandchildren have all been photographed alongside him on the campaign trail, Hunter has been nowhere to be seen.

The last time that the controversial 50-year-old ‘appeared’ was in a videotaped message of support for his father aired during the Democratic National Convention in August when Mr Biden officially accepted the nomination for President.

As the scandal of his abandoned laptop has grown, so has the phrase: ‘Where’s Hunter?’

Social media has been awash with possible sightings – from Mexico to the Caribbean, from Delaware to Brazil.

Hunter and his third wife Melissa, who married last year and have a baby boy born in April, was most recently living in a rented house in the Hollywood Hills.

Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen seen at a lunch date at celebrity hotspot, Il Pastaio, Beverly Hills, California, January 9, 2020

But neighbours last week said they had seen no activity at the property ‘in weeks’.

A source familiar with the Biden campaign said: ‘Hunter is being kept well out of it. My guess is that he’s holed up in a house somewhere.

‘The last thing anyone wants is for him to come anywhere near Joe in the final days of the campaign.

‘Even if Joe wins, it is unlikely that Hunter will be there. In this era of Covid there won’t be a big party. It will be Joe in his basement making his acceptance speech.’

When Mr Biden was Vice President to Barack Obama, Hunter was often photographed at the White House and his laptop is packed with references about attending events with his father.

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden (left) stands with his son Hunter during a re-enactment of the Senate oath ceremony, Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009, in the Old Senate Chamber, Washington

In one message he writes: ‘On my way to NY. Dad is doing Colbert’, a reference to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert TV show.

There are several pictures of Hunter with his father on the laptop. In one, the pair sit inside what appears to be a military plane. Other snaps show Hunter with his children, sister and mother.

Until the laptop scandal broke, Hunter and Melissa had been seen on several occasions cruising around Beverly Hills in an open-topped Porsche.

‘He recently denied reports that the couple had argued and he had moved into a £1,560-a-night ‘party house’.

Requests for comment sent to Hunter’s email address went unanswered.

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