Who are Brittany Meronek and Vincent Arenas? The other cops involved in the Jacob Blake shooting

BRITTANY Meronek and Vincent Arenas have been identified as the other two Kenosha cops involved in the shooting that has left Jacob Blake paralyzed.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice named Arenas and Meronek in a press release issued on Friday.

Here is more on the two other officers involved.

What happened to Jacob Blake and who shot him? 

Jacob Blake was allegedly trying to break up a domestic dispute at a family home when police were called to the scene in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Shocking video showed Blake being shot by a Kenosha Police Department cop at least seven times as he entered his grey SUV while his three sons were in the backseat.

Jacob Blake’s father, who shares the same name, said nothing "[justifies] shooting my son in the back eight times", and other family members have spoken out since.

Blake was reportedly preparing to celebrate his son's eighth birthday.

Blake's family have reached out to civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, who claimed Blake was helping to deescalate a domestic incident when police drew their weapons and tasered him.

Crump told The Sun that Blake was walking away to check on his children when police fired their weapons several times into his back at point blank range – in front of his kids, who were allegedly screaming inside the car.

"His three sons witnessed their father collapse after being riddled with bullets," Crump said in an email.

"Their irresponsible, reckless, and inhumane actions nearly cost the life of a man who was simply trying to do the right thing by intervening in a domestic incident.

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Kenosha since Sunday to protest Blake’s shooting as part of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. 

Blake survived but is in serious condition at the Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. 

Who are Brittany Meronek and Vincent Arenas?

Brittany Meronek and Vincent Arenas are two police officers involved in the shooting of Blake. 

Wisconsin’s Department of Justice named them in a press release as the officers who were called to the scene the day of the shooting. 

The DOJ previously identified the officer who shot Blake as Rusten Sheskey, a seven-year veteran of the police department. 

Both Arenas and Meronek joined the Kenosha Police Department in February 2019 and January 2020, respectively.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul announced the officers' identities on Friday morning.

Kaul wrote: "After the initial attempt to arrest Mr. Blake, Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey deployed a taser to attempt to stop Mr. Blake.

"When that attempt failed, Kenosha Police Officer Vincent Arenas also deployed his taser, however that taser was also not successful in stopping Mr. Blake.

"The shooting officer, Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey, has been a law enforcement officer with Kenosha Police Department for seven years.

"Kenosha Police Officer Vincent Arenas has served with Kenosha Police Department since February 2019, with prior service with the United States Capitol Police Department.

"Also present was Kenosha Police Officer Brittany Meronek who joined Kenosha Police Department in January of this year."

The DOJ press release does not state Meronek's role in the attempted arrest.

The Kenosha Police Department has not made further comments about Meronek.

What happened to the officers involved?

All three officers have been placed on administrative leave, Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis said at a news conference Wednesday.

Who is Kyle Rittenhouse?

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, allegedly shot and killed two demonstrators who were marching to protest Blake's shooting, according to authorities. 

A third night of protests was underway when an “unidentified young white man” was caught on video spraying rounds of bullets at protesters in point-blank range. 

Twitter users began pointing fingers at Rittenhouse, who they claimed was part of a “police explorer” program with Kenosha cops. 

Photos of Rittenhouse holding an AR-15 gun surfaced on Twitter, and many believe the weapon was used to harm the demonstrators. 

A picture surfacing the internet shows Wendy and Kyle with the caption "We Back the Blue" in support of the Blue Lives Matter movement.

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