Woman attacked by savage seagull trying to pinch her McDonald’s hash brown

A nursery worker was not McLovin’ it when a savage seagull left her hospitalised after trying to pinch her breakfast.

Laura Morgan, 32, was tucking into her McDonald’s hash brown on the seafront at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, when the bird swooped without warning.

It hit her in the head before flying off with the hash brown – leaving the 32-year-old with a torn lip.

Laura was forced to go to Clacton Hospital where stunned medics treated the injury.

She said: “It must have been large, I thought someone had just assaulted me. I had no idea it was a gull at first, I thought I had been punched.

“If I was a child it would’ve knocked me out. I didn’t actually even get to see the bird. It was all over so fast.

“I was in shock, it actually went into my mouth. I am laughing about it now but what if it had got me in the eye?

“People need to be aware they are about and can do this sort of thing.

“Whenever I’m getting a McDonald’s I can see them following me.

“It got a lot of interest, the doctors were discussing it amongst themselves. And of course my friends are all laughing at me.”

The RSPB advises the best defence against seagulls is to raise your arms to protect your head and then move away.

They say people should keep food hidden or covered as much as possible and take it out only to eat it.

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