Woman pours bleach into ex-boyfriend’s fish tank while shouting ‘die, die, die’

A vengeful woman sent shocking videos to her ex-boyfriend of her killing his tropical fish by pouring bleach into their tank.

Serena Reynoldson poured the poisonous liquid into the tank while shouting "die, die, die" and then sent videos to her horrified partner John Fitzpatrick.

The 35-year-old claimed his pet snake "would be next" as she accused him of stopping her from having a life, hobbies and making her pay for his animals.

She said she had been suffering from stress and anxiety following the breakdown of their four-year relationship which had been on-off since ending in 2013.

On January 9, she launched the attack on the man’s prized fish which were a protected species and loved by their four children.

She recorded the fish dying after she poured more than one litre of bleach into the tank and then sent the videos to Mr Fitzpatrick which were played at her sentencing at Oxford Magistrates’ Court today.

In the videos, the court heard her saying: "Die, die, die, look more bleach, let’s pour it in, bleach, bleach, bleach.

"Do not think you can have your hobbies and I can’t have mine you selfish f***ing c***."

Simon White, prosecuting, said a vet’s opinion was that: "Levels of bleach required to be fatal would be 1 millilitre of bleach per 50L and it is quite clear there is more than one litre here.

"There is immediate suffering to the fish, they will have suffered prior to their death.

"The defendant was interviewed and she claimed she did not know what she was pouring into the tank.

"She said that John has got a fish tank and a snake and she is paying for it.

"She claims she did not think the fish would suffer and that her ex-partner was controlling and manipulating everything.

"She poured bleach in there knowing what the effect would be, it shows a lack of empathy.

"She tried to downplay this matter saying she did not know what she was putting in."

Defending, Charlie Moss, told the court: "The facts of this matter speak for themselves, you have seen the clips that have been shown to you.

"The breakdown was because her ex-partner was unfaithful and they tried to work it out but this was the final straw for her.

"There is a considerable amount of emotional stress looking after the children since her partner has left and there has not been a significant enough financial contribution from him.

"He has gone and left her to pick up the pieces and having to deal with everything he had left behind including those animals.

"She has said that this was not a planned incident, it was something that happened out of anger and frustration.

"She picked up the bottle and poured the contents into the fish tank.

"She deeply regrets her actions and says it is unacceptable.

"Since this incident she has self referred and been diagnosed with chronic stress and anxiety.

"This is something that she deeply regrets."

Reynoldson was disqualified from keeping fish for life and sentenced to 18 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months.

She was also ordered to do 15 days unpaid work and to pay £115 victims surcharge and £300 costs.

Speaking after the hearing RSPCA Inspector Andy Eddy said: "The videos were really shocking.

"I was quite horrified when I saw the footage and how blasé she was when doing that to the fish and seeing her actions.

"She did not seem to show any remorse.

"It is terrible that she used the fish to do this to her ex-partner.

"I am pleased with how the court took it seriously and considered a custodial sentence and it was an appropriate verdict that she was disqualified from keeping fish for life."

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