World’s worst ‘tramp stamp’ back tattoos will make you think twice about getting inked yourself

But others deface themselves with cringeworthy tatts they'd rather see the back of.

Here Sun Online have gathered together a gallery of tats where good taste has hit rock bottom.

One located just above someone's crack instructs readers to insert a coin in the "slot".

Another features a McDonald's Drive-thru sign, while one other backside has "semen demon" emblazoned on it.

Slapstick sitcom

Personal branding 

Joined up thinking

Burger bum

Heigh hole, heigh hole, it's off to work we go

Silicon valley

Trump that!

Attention grabbing

Hard to handle 

The bottom line

Rear action

Bad ass

Back door beauty

The Empire Strikes Backside

Butt will she always?


Stating the obvious


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