Quebec bans niqab and burkas for all those using public services in controversial move which some say will ’marginalise Muslims’ in the Canadian province

QUEBEC  has passed a ban on veils which bars public workers from wearing a niqab or burka and obliges citizens to unveil when using public transit or government services. Tonight's move has been heavily criticised with some saying it will marginalise Muslim women in the mainly French-speaking Canadian provinceWhile the

Map reveals third of jobs are at risk from automation with towns in the North and Midlands most endangeredEngland legend Terry Butcher distraught after war hero son Christopher’s sudden death

ENGLAND legend Terry Butcher was in mourning last night after the sudden death of his troubled former Army Captain son. Hero Christopher, 35, had fought in Afghanistan and the ex-Three Lions star had spoken in the past about eldest lad’s torment.His brother Edward last night paid tribute to him