5 Best Elisabeth Moss Films Currently Streaming on Netflix

Elisabeth Moss has an amazing history of acting and accolades. Some of her best work is on the set of The Handmaid’s Tale as she plays June in the biblical world of Gilead. Her amazing acting doesn’t stop at the TV series. Five of Moss’ incredibly well-done films have made the top of the Best of Netflix list.

‘The Kitchen’ (2019)

Moss plays Claire, the meek and submissive housewife to an abusive husband. Set in 1978 in New York, three women married to gangsters find themselves in a difficult situation. Their husbands are arrested by the FBI, leaving the women to take matters into their own hands after the newly appointed head of the gang neglects the women.

As one, they begin to take over their husband’s operations and find independence and freedom. Moss’s character follows a difficult path from the meek woman to flourishing as a gang boss who deals with problems easily and confidently.

‘Light of My Life’ (2019)

In this dystopian-style film, Moss plays the young girl’s mother, who her father protects in the post-pandemic world. Through flashbacks and conversations with the father, Moss is shown to reference the time before the pandemic hit.

The pandemic eradicated most of the female population and left humanity searching for women that could bear children. The father disguises the young girl as a boy to help him get through the trials and obstacles without danger. The film has a slow pace that adds tension on top of the already taut storyline.

‘The Square’ (2017)

In this situational comedy, Moss played Anne, a journalist who interviews the curator of the art museum, Christian. The doting divorced father attempts to urge people to be kind and responsible as he raises support for noble causes.

Christian spirals out of control after the theft of a phone, causing damage to his campaign and professional image. The downward spiral leaves Christian in a state of despair and in the midst of a crisis that changes his life.

‘Us’ (2019)

In this psychological horror film Moss plays Kitty Tyler, one of the family members that Adelaide Wilson visits at their vacation beach home. Because of past traumas, Adelaide is always paranoid and on the lookout for sinister events.

Her paranoia is turned into reality as soon as masked intruders invade the home. As they fight for survival, they begin to realize their doppelgängers are linked to some evil that is not of this world.

‘Girl, Interrupted’ (1999)

In one of the most iconic films of the 90s, Moss plays Polly, a naive schizophrenic burn victim. Based in a psychiatric institute named Claymore. The film brought to light the plethora of mental illnesses and their effects on those who suffer from them.

Susanna, the 18-year-old attempted suicide victim, befriends various inmates as she is treated in the facility. She then leads the group into various adventures, which eventually lead to her own healing.

Watch these iconic films and other TV series that Moss has starred in on Netflix. You can catch The Handmaid’s Tale streaming on Hulu. You can even catch Moss in Mad Men, Ghost Whisperer, and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Moss’s performances over the last three decades have landed the British American with several awards and nominations. Her awards include two Golden Globe Awards from four nominations, two Primetime Emmy Awards from fourteen nominations, two Critics’ Choice Television Awards from five nominations, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards from fifteen nominations. Needless to say, her work is definitely worth watching.

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