A Place In The Sun’s Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton don swimwear for Spanish reunion

Laura Hamilton says filming was interrupted by a leaf blower

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TV star Laura Hamilton, 39, has taken to Instagram to highlight the strong friendship her and co-presenter, Jasmine Harman, 45, share off screen. The moment was shared with their children, with a snap of them walking along the promenade in Marbella.

She is one of the kindest and most beautiful people you will ever meet

Laura Hamilton

Both A Place In The Sun presenters have been abroad filming the hit Channel 4 show at different locations, meeting this week in southern Spain for family time.

Both presenters have been filming recently in Estepona.

The image was shared with Laura’s 134,000 Instagram followers, giving fans a glimpse into the co-stars’ lives off screen.

Donning a red tight-fitting bikini top, Laura showed off her toned physique, with matching red nails, and reflective rose-gold sunglasses.

While Jasmine worked a black and white cheetah print swimsuit, complemented with a bright beaded necklace and tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Laura and Jasmine were the picture of friendship, with the latter resting her hand on Laura’s shoulder, with wide smiles to fill the camera.

In the caption, Laura reiterated this affection, saying: “This afternoon I spent time with one of my favourite people @jasminesharman.

“She is one of the kindest and most beautiful people you will ever meet.”

Laura continued: “I am incredibly fortunate to have Jas as a friend and work colleague.

“Who I spend time with when I am at home and also occasionally when we are abroad (and in the same location).”

The snap was followed by a photo of the friends’ four children walking away from the camera along the promenade in Marbella.

In the caption, Laura added: “We meet up abroad whenever we can.

“AND it makes it even more special when we can do it with our little people, who have a great little bond too, having shared lots of the same experiences!.”

Laura and Jasmine both have two children of similar ages.

The former is mum to Rocco and Tahlia, with broker husband Alex Goward, and they have been married since 2012.

While, Jasmine met her cameraman husband on the set of A Place in the Sun, marrying in 2009, and they share Joy and Albion.

Jasmine, was seen earlier this week, jokingly talking about her co-presenter Danni Menzies’ bold fashion choices in her Instagram story.

She hit out at Danni’s “old ladies style glasses chain”, saying she should wait a few years to jump on that fashion trend.

While Laura was seen discussing the disruptions that happen while filming A Place in the Sun.

She explained in an Instagram story that building and maintenance work is often going on near sets when she films with house hunters.

Jasmine added to this as she joked the show should be renamed A Place in the Mist and Fog after running into weather issues.

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