Aaron Rodgers Details UFO Sighting On 'Hard Knocks'

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has been seeing things before he ever dabbled in psychedelics — the New York Jets quarterback went in depth about the time he believes he saw a UFO on “Hard Knocks” this week … saying he felt like he was in a movie!!

The four-time MVP opened up on the 2005 experience on the season finale of the Max series Tuesday night … when he was staying with his old college teammate, Steve Levy, in New Jersey prior to the NFL Draft and heard an alarm going off outside.

Naturally, the guys left the house to investigate … and Rodgers couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Up in the clouds, we heard this sound and we saw this tremendously large object moving through the sky,” Rodgers said. “And it was like a scene out of ‘Independence Day,’ when the ships are coming into the atmosphere and they’re creating this kind of like explosion-type fire in the sky.”

“And we just saw this incredibly large object and froze, as anybody would because what the hell was going on? And eventually it went out of sight and nobody said a word.”

Shortly after, the signal-caller says he heard the sound of fighter jets zooming above them … as if aircrafts were chasing whatever they just saw.

“Again, we just stood there in just disbelief for another few minutes,” Rodgers added. “Nobody said a word. Then we all looked at each other like, ‘Did we just see what we think we just saw? What was that?'”

aaron rodgers

Rodgers — who did his research on the subject after a lack of media coverage on the incident — seemingly believes it was, in fact, a UFO … because he heard an alarm go off at a nearby nuclear power plant, which tracks all the information he’s gathered.

“And if you know anything about UFOs, there are a lot of sightings around nuclear energy, around volcanoes, around power plants,” the Super Bowl winner said.

Rodgers admits he doesn’t know “whatever the hell it was” … but “it was definitely unidentified, it was definitely flying and it was definitely a large object.”

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