Adele drives James Corden to work in FINAL Carpool Karaoke

‘You looked after me’: Adele and James Corden both break down in tears on FINAL Carpool Karaoke – as she reveals how he helped her through divorce from Simon Konecki

Adele broke down in tears discussing her divorce from Simon Konecki as she filmed the final Carpool Karaoke with James Corden – in an emotional video that was released on Monday.

While things started jovial, the mood soon turned somber when the Grammy winner revealed that James – who was also holding back tears – had helped her through the split by going on holiday together.

She then revealed for the first time that a verse in her song I Drink Wine was inspired by James, 44, when he later turned to the singer for advice as he was having his own tough time in life.

‘[The verse] was inspired by a conversation that you and I had, and it was the 4th of January, 2020 or something, and we’d been on vacation together with the kids…’ Adele began. 

Adele, 34, – who finalized her divorce with Simon in March 2021, two years after announcing their split – revealed that she went on a family vacation with James, his wife Julia Carey, their three children, and her son Angelo, 10. 

‘And we were on our way home and my mood had changed and it was like the first year that I felt like I had to hold myself accountable, for just being an adult, whereas the year before that I left Simon, you and Jules and the kids were so integral in looking after me and Angelo,’ she said breaking down in tears. 

Emotions running high: Adele broke down in tears discussing her divorce from Simon Konecki as she filmed the final Carpool Karaoke with James Corden in an emotional video that was released on Monday

Confessional: Adele reveals a verse in her song I Drink Wine was inspired by James, 44, when he later turned to her for advice as he was having his own tough time in life

Saying her goodbyes: Adele admitted to James that she doesn’t feel ‘ready’ to return to home to the UK, otherwise she would be considering coming with him 

‘You used to do it with humour as well, you used to be like, “good luck with that one!” with any sort of thing that I was pursuing, and you were always so, you were like an adult with me, you and Julia would always give me this advice.’

However, Adele explained that when it was James’ turn to ask her for advice – hinting that he wasn’t happy with his life in America – the singer admitted it made her feel ‘unsafe.’ 

Talking about a six-hour conversation the pair had when times were tough, James explained: ‘It was work stuff, and the Internet, and all those things.’ 

Despite his popular show, James has been no stranger to controversy – with his alleged rude behavior called out last year by restaurant owner Keith McNally.  

Adele then responded: ‘It got me thinking, I felt so unsafe, with you feeling unsafe, because you’ve always been like [the adult] you have, since I was like 21.’

‘And then I went to the studio a couple of weeks later, and I wrote this and I sang it into my phone and I sent it to you and I do remember you saying, “That’s exactly how I was feeling.'” 

James interjected, saying: ‘It was everything that I was feeling that day. I was floored by how you’d managed to take everything that I was feeling myself, and… life, and just put it in a verse.

Memories: The pair both reminisced about their friendship – with Adele revealing that they’ve known one another since the beginning of her career 

Tears and laughter: The pair both laughed as well as cried while talking about James’ decision to leave the US

Comforting: Several times James was seen comforting Adele as she got emotional 

Some of the lyrics they sang along to included the lines: “How come we’ve both become a version of a person we don’t even like? We’re in love with the world, but the world just wants to bring us down, by putting ideas in our heads, that corrupt our hearts somehow.”

Holding back tears, James it called it a ‘privilege’ that Adele had managed to capture how he was feeling and put it into one of her songs. 

However, the segment was kicked off in a much lighter tone, when the Someone Like You singer played a prank on James by turning up at his home in LA.

Sneaking into his bedroom, Adele gave James a rude awakening with crash cymbals as she told that she would be driving him into work. 

As they began their journey to CBS studios, James was seen in the passenger seat for a change as the two pals got ready to sing together. 

However, things get off to a shaky start as the Tottenham-born megastar told James she is ‘s****ting herself being behind the wheel, adding: ‘I’m actually not a brilliant driver.’ 

Then and now: Adele with first husband Simon Konecki at 2013 Grammys, and right with current boyfriend Rich Paul at the 2023 Grammys 

Emotional: At one point, Adele teared up as she spoke to James about his show ending 

Adele is switching things up for host James Corden on the final Carpool Karaoke series – as the Grammy winner gets behind the driver’s seat for a change 

After launching into a rendition of her hit Rolling in the Deep, Adele has James in hysterics as she starts asking him questions about Carpool Karaoke saying: ‘There’s been some bloody brilliant ones, and some s*** ones too.’

Talking about it being his very last carpool, James admitted that he was ‘excited’ and ‘scared’ with Adele agreeing: ‘Yeah I bet.’ 

‘I don’t know – it’s been a crazy eight years, in one sense it feels like it’s gone like that (clicks fingers) and in another I feel like I don’t remember what life was like before being here,’ a teary-eyed James said.

 Adele then revealed how James leaving is personally affecting her. ‘I’ve never lived in LA without you guys so I’m like a bit nervous about it. 

Prank: The video starts with Adele pranking James Corden at his home in LA

Surprise! Adele is filmed as she plans to wake up James before driving him into work 

Rude awakening: James is woken up by Adele crashing cymbals above him in bed

Fun and games: The old pals flipped between laughter and tears throughout the drive 

The pair also reveal a story about how James had tried to set up an elaborate prank to fool Adele into thinking that a wild bear was on the loose in Beverly Hills. 

But things got off to a rocky start when Adele arrived early and her assistant spotted that there were secret cameras in the room. 

Despite going to great lengths to pull it off – including getting Gayle King to record a spoof news report on the bear – James cut it short when he could see Adele was getting uncomfortable.  

Later, James addressed Adele’s ‘EGO’ status now that she has won an Emmy, Grammy and an Oscar – and would just need a Tony Award to earn the prestigious ‘EGOT’ status.

‘I really don’t think that is ever going to happen,’ Adele laughed.

‘I would never write a musical or anything like that… because I f***ing hate musicals. I also think the EGO suits me better’ 

However, that doesn’t stop Adele from singing along to Barbra Streisand’s Don’t Rain On My Parade from the musical Funny Girl. 

After yet another emotional sing-song to Adele’s Hometown Glory, the pair start to tear up again as Adele tells him: ‘You’re one of my best friends in the whole world.’ 

Wiping away her tears Adele added: ‘I’m just not ready to come back [to the UK] yet. Otherwise I would come back with you.’ 

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