Amanda Holden buys Simon Cowell stabilisers in cheeky dig at second bike crash

Amanda Holden has gifted fellow Britain’s Got Talent panellist Simon Cowell with bike stabilisers following his second e-bike crash.

The judge was reportedly rushed to hospital after being involved in a collision by his West London home last week, leaving co-judge Amanda concerned for the welfare of her colleague moving forward with his motoring activity.

Admitting to buying Simon training wheels on her Heart Breakfast radio show, the host discussed how the X Factor star had been put off riding e-bikes for good since his latest accident.

“We spoke about the fact that Simon Cowell had another accident on his bike didn't we…now he said he's not going to get on bikes ever again, which I think is a smart thing to do,” Amanda said, though she didn’t appear to believe the claim of her boss.

"Unless he gets a little tricycle with a bell, where he can ring and warn people,” co-host on the radio show, Ashley Roberts added.

“That's true, although I did order, I've ordered him some stabilisers,” Amanda continued.

“I'm seeing him on Sunday, I'm going to give them to him. I'll video it.”

The 50 year old joked that she would organise for Simon to take a cycling proficiency test to prevent him from suffering any further injuries with e-bikes in the future.

It was reported that Simon fell off his e-bike whilst not wearing a helmet near his West London home, nearly a year and half on from his first collision with his e-bike, which left him with a broken back.

The ITV judge was said to have not suffered as serious an injury the second time, fracturing his arm instead, and has since revealed that he is “feeling better” following the incident.

“I'm OK. I'm feeling much better thank you. It happened just round the corner,” Simon told MailOnline.

“I'm a bit of a nutter. I'll definitely wear a helmet next time.”

The X Factor judge was said to have flown over the handlebars of his e-bike after skidding at 20mph, falling into the middle of the road.

After the crash, the panellist was reported to have been tended to by three onlookers, who called an ambulance to the scene.

As well as the reported collision, Simon was recalled to have been involved in a near-miss by a workman renovating a property nearby days before, telling MailOnline: “He nearly bumped into me the other day.

"You often see him racing about on his bike although I must admit I haven't seen him on it for a few days. Now I know why."

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