Amber Heard: Johnny Depp Raped Me With a Glass Bottle, Beat Me Over Alleged Affair With James Franco

Amber Heard took the stand for a second day of testimony on Thursday.

The actress is being sued by ex-husband Johnny Depp for $50 million for defamation of character.

Depp took the stand first and accused Heard of punching him, stubbing cigarettes off his face and severing the tip of his finger by throwing a vodka bottle at him.

In her first day of testimony, Heard leveled similar allegations of violence at Depp, alleging that the actor frequently slapped and violently grabbed her.

She told the court that at one point, Depp forced her to submit to a “cavity search” after accusing her of stealing his cocaine.

During her second day on the stand, Heard gave the impression that these were not isolated incidents, but rather part of a pattern of abuse that persisted throughout her time with Depp.

It’s hard to imagine anything more horrifying than the forced cavity search, but Heard recounted a slew of even more traumatic experiences today, beginning with an incident in which Depp allegedly became violent with her on a private jet after accusing her of having an affair with actor James Franco.

Heard says Depp attempted to exert full control over her acting career, jealously prohibiting her from taking certain roles: 

“Every time I got a script, it was: How I was dressing? What kind of behavior I had? Did I have a sex scene? I started saying, ‘No, I won’t take the sex scene’ or ‘I’ll take the part where I dontt play that kind of character,’” she told the court.

“It was a constant battle.”

From there, Heard recalled a 2014 incident in which Depp allegedly slapped kicked her during a flight to Boston.

Heard said Depp was angry at with her for working on a film with Franco, accusing her having carried on a secret affair with Franco. 

Heard then addressed the fight that took place in Australia while Depp was filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

It was during this altercation that Depp lost a portion of his finger, but Heard says the injury occurred under very different circumstances than Depp described.

The actress recalled that a drunken Depp taunted her with a liquor bottle and encouraged her to try and take it from him.

“I slammed it down on the ground right between us. I smashed the bottle. And that really set him off,” she said on the stand.

“I don’t know if he backhanded me or hit me normally. I don’t really remember,” Heard continued.

“He’s got a bottle in his hand. He threw it at me. It missed, thankfully.”

Heard says that Depp retrieved the broken bottle and threatened to cut her with it.

“He had a broken bottle up near my face, neck, jawline. He told me he would carve up my face … It was terrifying. It was not the first time he had said that to me. But this time he was holding a broken bottle up to me,” she said.

“I honestly don’t remember if I threw anything in his direction. I don’t think I did. I just remember him having me by the nightgown, him throwing me around. This was after some bottles were broken on the floor,” Heard continued.

“He’s throwing these bottles at me. I remember retreating. There were also beer and soda cans; they were coming at me one after another.”

Heard said that at that point, Depp “trapped” her behind the bar and began “throwing these bottles one after another. I could feel glass breaking behind me.”

The actress said that she and Depp then became involved in a “struggle” behind the bar.

Heard told the court that her nightgown was torn off her during the altercation, adding:

“I felt really vulnerable, I’m naked. At one point I’m up against the wall, and he’s screaming at me that he hates me, that I ruined his life.”

Heard concluded that portion of her testimony by stating that while she was lying on her back during the fight, she felt “pressure on her pubic bone.”

She noted that she was not conscious of everything that was happening at that moment, but she said that she recalled praying that the bottle “inside” of her was not broken.

Heard later specified that Depp “shoved” the bottle inside her vagina “over and over again.”

She added that she awoke the next morning to realize that part of Depp’s finger was missing and that he had painted on the walls of the rental house with his own blood.

Heard is expected to take the stand again tomorrow.

We will have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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