Amber Portwood Splits from Boyfriend: “He's Very Possessive and Jealous”

Amber Portwood is once again single.

And guys around the world are probably hoping she doesn’t want to mingle.

Not after her history of ugly break-ups and abuse, mostly emotional, but also physical on at least one occasion.

On Tuesday night’s season premiere of Teen Mom OG, Portwood talked about the challenge she was facing with her Belgian boyfriend, Dimitri, while they were continents apart.

The troubled star told MTV producer Townsend that Dimitri “has been calling me nonstop” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why was that scary?

“I need to be aware of this dynamic because I’ve been in controlling relationships before,” she said.

“He’s possessive from a distance, he needs to know what I’m doing all day every day.”

As total luck would have it… mere minutes later, Amber received a WhatsApp video call from Dimitri, who touched base from his home country and asked the mother of two what she was doing.

“Nothing, I’m outside, wondering why I’m getting a million messages,” she responded.

Aware that he was coming across as a total creep, Dimitri explained that he called Amber frequentlly “because I think of you. I love you, I miss you a lot.”

How sweet, no?!?

No, apparently.

“There’s times where I feel like it’s getting a little much,” Amber replied, admitting her feelings regarding their constant communication and adding:

“It’s turning into a very possessive situation and a very not healthy situation…

To be questioned by somebody so much at a time like this is just something that is not needed for me whatsoever when I’m dating.”

At this point, it’s worth remembering that these Teen Mom OG episodes were filmed many month ago.

Heck, we reported way back in July that Portwood appeared to have split from Dimitri.

She confirmed this development on this week’s premiere, too, telling first baby daddy Gary Shirley about what had transpired.

“We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend,” she said. “He started getting to the point where he was calling and texting multiple, multiple, multiple times, all day long.”

No worries on her end, however. Portwood told Shirley that she was feeling “good for now” in the wake of the break-up.

Earlier in the episode, the MTV personality reunited virtually with her castmates — Cheyenne Floyd, Catelynn Lowell, Mackenzie McKee and Maci Bookout — and told them she and Dimitri hadn’t “seen each other in seven months” due to the coronavirus.

Seven months, huh?

That’s nothing, many viewers probably thought, considering we’re nearing one full year now in America of the pandemic.

“Oh my god, that’s so long. Is that because of COVID?” asked Floyd.

“Yeah, because of COVID,” Portwood confirmed on air.

“The thing is though, he’s such a sweet guy, he’s amazing, but he’s very possessive and jealous because he’s not here.”

Amazing, possessive AND jealous? We’re not sure if all those things can go together, Amber.

Portwood met Dimitri online after she parted ways from Andrew Glennon, with whom she shares two-year-old son James, the same littlle boy Amber is now hoping to regain custody of after she attacked his dad last summer.

She is also mom to 12-year-old daughter Leah, whom she shares with Gary.

Amber and Dimitri actually met for the first time in person on an episode of Teen Mom OG, which aired in May 2020.

The series is now back with new episodes and it airs them on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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