Andy Ngo, Journalist/Author, Wins $300K In Alleged Assault Andy Ngo, who has reported extensively on Antifa activities, has won $300,000 in damage stemming from a 2019 attack that left him with a brain bleed.

Katherine Belyea, Madison Allen, and Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy (formerly known as Joseph Evans) were ordered by a Portland, Oregon court to pay the damages. They never turned up to answer his charges against them.

Ngo accused the trio of provoking a mob to bash him over the head with a sign and dousing him with “milkshakes,” which Portland police said might contain quick-drying concrete.

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Each of the defendants were ordered to pay $100,000. “It was a small vindication after a traumatic experience,” Ngo told the NY Post. “The judge awarded me the full amount that she could, and perhaps that is telling.”

He added, “I owed it to myself and to all the people who have supported me over the years to pursue justice. I was fighting not just for me, but for the many, many others who have been victimized by this violent extremist movement.

Ngois the author of the 2021 book “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Plan to Destroy Democracy.”

Ngo lost out in another case earlier this month when alleged Antifa members John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter were found not liable in the same civil suit.

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