Annie Lennox hits back with a selfie after snap of the star went viral

‘Ageing but still raging!’ Annie Lennox, 67, hits back with a striking selfie after a recent snap of herself went viral

Annie Lennox has hit back saying she is ‘ageing but still raging’ after she trended on Twitter with users asking who she was. 

Over the weekend, fans had flocked online to defend the Scottish singer after a Twitter user named Jason Strummer shared a recent snap of the Eurythmics legend and asked followers: ‘Without looking it up – who is this?’ 

Users were quick to praise the Sweet Dreams hitmaker, penning: ‘Who needs to look it up? She’s barely changed in 40 years. Annie Lennox’; and ‘The wonderful Annie Lennox, still as striking a woman as in her early days. Beautiful.’

‘Ageing but still raging!’ Annie Lennox, 67, hit back with a striking Instagram selfie on Monday after a recent snap of herself went viral on Twitter with people asking who she was 

Addressing the commotion, Annie shared a new picture of herself amongst some leafy foliage she wrote: ‘Greetings Jason Strummer! ( any relation to the late great Joe?) 

‘Apparently you created a twitter trend with your inquiry as to who this person was… THIS person.. !! 

She questioned: ‘So can you tell the difference between the person in camouflage and the plant??’ Ah HA!!! Let’s create another twitter storm shall we?!!! )Ageing but still raging! Blessings and love…’ 

Jason was quick to respond to the post, tweeting: ‘I’m gobsmacked. Annie Lennox spoke my name. I’m kinda shaking. Thank you so much for this. I will be setting up an Instagram so I can respond. Wow.’  

Then and now: Annie achieved international success in the Eighties as part of Eurythmics before launching a successful  solo career (pictured left in 1984) 

Clapping back: Over the weekend, fans had flocked to defend the singer after a Twitter user asked followers who she was, and Annie was quick to address the commotion 

He’s a fan: Jason was quick to respond to the post, admitting he was ‘gobsmacked’ that the singer had seen his tweet about her 

Annie achieved international success in the Eighties as part of Eurythmics before embarking on a successful solo career. 

While Annie has continued to make music in recent years – releasing piano tracks Lepidoptera in 2019 – she keeps mainly out of the spotlight and instead focuses on charity campaigns and her political activism. 

In 2020, Annie revealed she was recording a new body of work while in lockdown with her husband Mitchell Besser and daughter Lola.

The singer was emotional as she told fans that she is finding the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown ‘very challenging’ and is using music as a way to lift herself.

Commotion: A fierce debate was sparked online over the weekend after a recent snap was shared of the star 

Speaking on Instagram, the Sweet Dreams hitmaker said: ‘What I decided to do was to take a look back at my own musical creations, and just take stock and I have a piano at hand where we live and I don’t have a microphone.  

‘It’s not particularly sophisticated, but I sing acoustically, the piano is acoustic and I have a list of songs and I’m trying to get through them.

‘I’m trying to record them just for the record, you know just for the record. I’m actually enjoying it. It gives me a lot of solace. It gives me a good feeling at a time when maybe that’s not so easy to come by because it’s all so challenging.’

The star also spoke about her emotions as lockdown continues, saying she goes from ‘absolutely despairing to being really motivated.’

She added: ‘Sometimes I’m exhausted and have a lie down and the other day I had a real cry because I understood the scale of this thing is just simply enormous.’

Meanwhile, speaking to The Independent last week, Annie said of her charitable work: ‘It was a sort of stirring in me, wanting to utilise whatever voice I had towards empowerment, towards inspiration, towards justice.’ 

Music icon: During lockdown 2020 Annie revealed she was recording a new body of work while in isolation with her husband and daughter

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