Baker Mayfield's Wife Emotional Over Leaving Cleveland, 'A Lot of Tears'

Emily Mayfield is sad to leave Cleveland behind after Baker‘s trade to the Carolina Panthers … admitting it’s been an emotional process with “a lot of tears.”

The former #1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft spent his first four pro seasons with the Browns … but was shipped to Charlotte as a result of Cleveland’s controversial trade for Deshaun Watson.

As the 2022-23 season approaches, Emily is reflecting on all the memories she made with her husband … saying she had no idea she’d be saying goodbye already.

Baker Mayfield Traded To Carolina Panthers

Baker Mayfield Traded To Carolina Panthers

“It’s obviously been an emotional couple of days,” Emily said on Instagram. “Baker and I left last season, truly expecting to come back for another season (like the previous 4 years).

“No part of me thought it’d be the last time we’d leave that house together or the last time we’d shut it down to head out on our off-season adventures.”

Emily reminisced about all the experiences they shared at their first house as a couple — from barbeques and bonfires to holiday gatherings.

“I am leaving Cleveland with such fond memories,” she added. “I’m leaving this house with a full heart. This week brought A LOT of tears. It brought tons of nostalgia. But I’m so happy I felt those feelings… it means it was a good ride.”

Mayfield says she’s excited to create new memories in Charlotte, but admits “there’s just something about that first place ….. Thank you, CLE. You’ll forever hold a special place in my heart.”

But, on the bright side, Emily says a flight attendant noticed her puffy eyes on her flight from Cleveland … and gave her “the most massive pour” of wine.

Some people actually like Cleveland after all.

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