Ben Affleck protects Jennifer Lopez from an overzealous fan in Italy

Ben Affleck to the rescue! Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend is the ultimate protector as he gently pushes away an overzealous fan at the airport in Italy

Ben Affleck knew how to handle a fan that got a little too close to Jennifer Lopez on Saturday.  

While the duo were walking through the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy, an overzealous fan rushed up trying to get a photo with the multi-hyphenate, prompting the 49-year-old actor to step in.  

A video of the incident shows the Good Will Hunting star pushing the man away to protect his girlfriend, before security takes over. 

Easy buddy! The 49-year-old actor stepped in to protect his girlfriend from an overzealous fan who wanted a selfie at the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy 

Just one day after the pair made their red carpet debut at the premiere of The Last Duel at the Venice Film Festival, they had an unexpected surprise while leaving the city. 

As the pair strolled hand in hand up to the airport, a fan wearing a navy T-shirt and khaki shorts very eagerly rushed over to take a selfie with Lopez after waiting for them outside. 

Without asking for permission he held his camera up while trying to get close to JLo, which caused her to instinctually flinch away before Ben immediately diffused the situation.  

‘Woah, woah, woah,’ Affleck can be heard saying as he gently puts distance between the star-crazed fan and Jennifer by placing both hands on the man’s chest. 

Overeager: A man wearing a navy T-shirt and khaki shorts was waiting for the pair outside and very aggressively rushed over with a camera held high 

Stepping in: Proving to have great reflexes the Good Will Hunting actor immediately stepped in

Shielding her: Lopez was seen stepping back and hiding behind Ben as he diffused the situation

Not so fast: Affleck could be heard saying ‘woah woah woah’ before pushing the man back 

The fan seemed to not get the memo at first and continued to try and take the selfie before Ben pushed him back towards the wall. 

Security took it from there and detained him so the pair could continue on without issue following the invasion of personal space. 

Re-grasping JLo’s hand Ben shot her an ‘are you okay’ as they walked but she did not let on that she was rattled by the situation. 

Proving to be the utmost professional she flashed a smile and even thanked airport personnel while strutting in a polka dot sundress and heels. 

Get back: The very buff actor instinctually pushed the man against the airport doors 

Checking in: Re-grasping JLo’s hand Ben shot her an ‘are you okay’ as they walked but she did not let on that she was rattled by the situation

 Personal protector: Despite being in the company of personal security and airport personnel it was Ben who came to her rescue 

Safe and sound: The pair continued on their way with ease

The couple — who rekindled their romance at the end of April, 19 years after they first got engaged — walked their first red carpet together on September 10. 

The very loved up duo did not scale back any PDA at the premiere of Affleck’s movie as they were pictured fawning all over each other. 

In images he was seen throwing his arm around her waist, resting his hand on her backside, and planting a series of face kisses before they shared a couple smooches. 

And the official return of Bennifer delighted fans and celebrities alike as Kim Kardashian re-posted an image to Instagram and wrote ‘long live Bennifer’ and Gwyneth Paltrow commented on an image ‘Okay, this is cute.’ 

Look of love: The September 10 premiere marks the pair’s red carpet debut nearly 20 years after they first dated

Smooches: The couple did not scale back any PDA during the appearance as both beamed at each other and kissed for the cameras 

Ahead of their appearance a source told PEOPLE that she was ‘excited’ to support him in a public way. 

‘Jennifer is very happy that she is able to join Ben in Venice. She is excited to be by his side and to support him. She loves the movie. They are still very happy together.’

And as the pair were said to ‘have a busy fall coming up’ they were ‘enjoying spending as much time together as possible.’ 

Most recently it was reported that Affleck has rented a luxury condo in Austin, Texas as he prepares to shoot his upcoming film Hypnotic, with TMZ sources saying that Lopez plans to spend time there as a potential ‘dry run’ for living together amid their ongoing house hunt in LA. 

The couple who began dating a mere weeks after Lopez called off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez have continued to blend their family and it’s been reported that they are ‘seriously talking about getting married.’ 

Romance on the water: The couple were pictured looking enamored with each other during a September 9 water taxi ride around Venice 

Helping hand: Ben continued to be the ultimate gentleman as he doted on his girlfriend during their trip; pictured September 10

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