Ben Gave J.Lo the Fanciest B-Day Necklace That Represents Being "Wild, Abundant, and Untamed"

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are currently on a yacht in St. Tropez celebrating her 52nd birthday, fully getting their PDA on, and recreating scenes from “Jenny from the Block” while everyone on the internet spirals. And yes! He did give her a fancy birthday present!

It appears as though Ben surprised J.Lo with a special custom gold charm necklace, designed in collaboration with Foundrae.

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Beth added, “We were blown away by his romantic gesture. [Ben] reviewed the meanings of each piece before finally selecting these…a lion was also in the running, but I think what he settled on is just perfect.”

So, how much did this group of meaningful medallions set Ben back? According to Page Six, each pendant costs about $3,000 and our dude Ben got at least three for J.Lo. So, around $9k total. Head here if you wanna buy one and channel Ben and Jen’s whole…thing!

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