Bill Maher’s Interview With Megyn Kelly Is Causing A Stir

Megyn Kelly appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher this past week to talk about why she pulled her kids out of their New York City private schools. With the pandemic still ongoing, you might assume the reason for the removal was due to COVID-19. However, the real reason was because of the schools’ “hard left” curriculum. According to Deadline, Kelly said in the interview that she always knew that New York schools leaned left politically, but it wasn’t until they “took a really hard turn toward social justice” that she had a problem with it all.

The two TV personalities continued talking about things like an “experimental trans-education program” and how Kelly’s son was asked to write a letter to the Cleveland Indians about their problematic mascot (via the Daily Mail). Those were just a few examples of the “hard left” that Kelly was uncomfortable with. Then, Bill Maher read a letter that had been circulating around a school that said things like, “there’s a killer cop sitting at every school where white children learn,” and the two began discussing racism in America. It was this discussion in particular that now has Kelly and Maher receiving some backlash.

Kelly was fired for racist comments back in 2018

This isn’t the first time race has been an issue with these two, either. Back in 2018, Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC News after defending white people who dressed up in blackface for Halloween (via Rolling Stone). After her removal from the network, Bill Maher came to Kelly’s defense, blaming “cancel culture,” according to The Daily Beast. However, the anchor actually has a long history of racist comments that have been documented over the years (via USA Today).

This time, Kelly’s claims that “white people feel bad” and “judged” when taught racism in school had some people taking to Twitter to criticize the interview. For example, Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted after seeing Maher and Kelly complain that “children shouldn’t be burdened with race issues,” that he’s “sure young Tamir Rice would agree with them, but he couldn’t be reached for comment.” Another user joked that “Bill Maher and Megyn Kelly criticizing racism is like McDonald’s criticizing cow slaughter.” Whether you agree or not, there’s no denying that what was said on the show really did cause quite a stir.

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