If there’s one couple known for relentlessly trolling one another on social media, it’s Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

From teasing each other on their birthdays to engaging in some very public flirting, Lively and Reynolds constantly make it clear that they’re into one another. So it comes as absolutely no surprise that Valentine’s Day 2021 was made particularly hilarious by Lively and Reynolds’s hijinks.

Lively shared a video on Instagram in which husband Reynolds helps the actress dye her hair at-home, presumably during the pandemic. The Gossip Girl star followed up the video with a cute selfie, and she captioned the post, “That time I f*d my hairdresser.” We can’t blame her, tbh.


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Meanwhile, Reynolds paid tribute to his wife with a sweet video of her sledding, along with a behind-the-scenes snap of the couple dressed to the nines. Reynolds wrote, “My forever valentine for the foreseeable future.”


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In October 2020, the internet was highly amused when Lively drew a pair of heels on to a photo of herself so that her bare feet didn’t appear online. However, the game was given away when her husband shared the original photo in which Lively’s fake shoes don’t appear.


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Just last month, Lively stood up for women everywhere when she discussed her difficulty in finding clothing that fit after she’d given birth. “It doesn’t send a great message to women when their bodies don’t fit into what brands have to offer. It’s alienating and confusing,” she wrote on Instagram. “And I wish I felt as confident then as I do now, a year later looking back. That body gave me a baby. And was producing that baby’s entire food supply. What a beautiful miracle. But instead of feeling proud, I felt insecure. Simply because I didn’t fit into clothes. How silly that is in retrospect.”

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