Britney Spears' dogs were NEAR DEATH when staff took them from her

Britney Spears’ housekeeper took her dogs away because she feared they were NEAR DEATH… as they suffered from dehydration and poor diet

  • Spears’ housekeeper took her two dogs away out of fear that they might die after a serious illness, sources told TMZ
  • Both dogs were allegedly dehydrated, and one with digestive issues became seriously ill after being fed table scraps
  • The singer’s dog sitter reportedly opted to keep the animals after a veterinarian was concerned about their condition  
  • A previously reported call to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office was allegedly to report the theft of the dogs, but she opted not to file a report 
  • The singer reportedly believes her housekeeper collaborated with her father Jamie Spears to have the dogs taken, leading to their alleged violent confrontation

Britney Spears’ dogs were reportedly in dire condition when staff members at her home decided to take them from her.

The 39-year-old pop superstar’s housekeeper believed that the dogs were on the verge of death after suffering from serious nutritional issues, sources told TMZ on Saturday.

Both dogs reportedly hadn’t been getting enough water and were suffering from dehydration, which could be a serious condition. 

Grave condition: Britney Spears’ housekeeper feared her dogs might be on the verge of death when took them away to a veterinarian, sources told TMZ on Saturday’ seen in 2019 in Hollywood

On top of that, the housekeeper believed their health was suffering being fed table scraps regularly.

The dogs were both supposed to be eating special food, and one had dietary issues that made it particularly sick from the leftovers.

The sources said that the vet was concerned about the condition of Spears’ dogs, so the dog sitter chose to keep them rather than bring them back to the singer’s home.

Under the weather: The dogs were reportedly dehydrated, and both were made sick by eating table scraps instead of their special diet. One dog with special dietary issues got particularly ill, sources said

Britney’s boyfriend Sam Asghari seemed to be keeping his mind off the latest controversy as he stepped out in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

The aspiring actor looked totally relaxed in a gray T-shirt that highlighted his muscular physique, along with slim acid-wash jeans and white sneakers.

He also had a beige sweater draped over his shoulder and sunglasses dangling from his collar.

Sam was seen making a phone call as he went out to pick up some coffee to start the day right.

On the town: Britney’s boyfriend Sam Asghari seemed to be keeping his mind off the latest controversy as he stepped out in Beverly Hills on Saturday

Caffeine run: He looked relaxed in a gray T-shirt with slim jeans and white trainers as he picked up a coffee

On Friday, it was reported by TMZ that Spears’ allegedly violent confrontation with the housekeeper was set off by her angry reaction to her dogs being taken away.

Sources close to the Toxic singer claimed that her housekeeper and dog sitter became convinced that the dogs were being ‘neglected,’ so the dog sitter kept them after taking them to a veterinarian.

Britney reportedly believed that her father Jamie Spears, who currently runs her conservatorship, was involved in having her dogs taken away.

Pet safety issues: On Friday, it was reported by TMZ that Spears’ allegedly violent confrontation with the housekeeper was set off by her angry reaction to her dogs being taken away; seen in 2016 in NYC

The concerns over the dogs’ safety began around two weeks ago when one of the dogs became ill, the sources said.

The dog sitter, who is also trained as a nurse, took both the sick dog and Spears’ other dog to the vet.

But after their checkup, the dog sitter kept the animals and cared for them because she allegedly believed Spears’ home was not a safe environment for them. 

Spears called authorities with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office on August 10 at around 6 p.m. to report the theft of the dogs.

Capt. Eric Buschow told Page Six that ‘when deputies arrived and contacted [Spears’] security staff, they informed the deputies that Ms. Spears decided she did not want to file a report at that time. And so, deputies left.’

Taking matters into her hands: After one of the dogs got sick two weeks ago, the dog sitter reportedly took both pets to the vet, but then never returned them and cared for them herself

Buschow said that deputies did not take a report, or any official action in the incident.

Police said they received another call to the abode from Spears’ housekeeper, who accused the songstress of hitting her amid a conflict over a phone. 

Sources told TMZ that the Toxic singer confronted her housekeeper over the missing dogs, and the employee reported said she worried they were being neglected.

As evidence, she showed Spears photos she had taken of one of the dogs after it vomited, but the singer came to believe that the housekeeper had shared the photos with Jamie, whom she thought had ordered the dog sitter to take the dogs away.

Furious: Spears called police about a theft but opted not to file a report. She confronted her housekeeper and believed she was involved in taking the dogs on her father Jamie’s orders

Sources with knowledge of Britney and Jamie’s relationship said he’s ‘totally in the dark on what goes on in her home,’ and that ‘He’s been shut out.’

Britney allegedly was in a fury and told the housekeeper never to take photos in her home again.

That is when they got into their alleged altercation, with sources close to the singer claim that she merely smacked the housekeeper’s phone out of her hand, though law enforcement sources said the housekeeper said Spears had hit her arm, causing her to drop the phone.  

Confrontation: Britney allegedly smacked the housekeeper’s phone out of her hand, though the housekeeper told police that the singer struck her arm; seen in 2018 in LA

The staffer was not hurt in what police determined was a ‘very minor misdemeanor battery,’ which Spears is being investigated for, police said

Buschow on Thursday told Page Six that the housekeeper was not hurt in what police determined was a ‘very minor misdemeanor battery,’ which Spears is being investigated for.

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office will determine if the Lucky singer is charged in the incident, police told the outlet.

The dogs had not been returned to Spears as of Thursday afternoon, though she’s optimistic that they’ll return soon. 

Following reports of the alleged attack, Spears’ lawyer Matthew Rosengart told the Page Six that the exchange was ‘nothing more than a ‘”He said, she said’ regarding a cell phone, with no striking and obviously no injury whatsoever.’

Rosengart told the AP that the incident was ‘overblown sensational tabloid fodder,’ adding that ‘anyone can make an accusation but this should have been closed immediately.’

The incident comes amid a turbulent time for the pop star, who remains in the middle of a conservatorship case against her father Jamie Spears, 69, who said last week he was ‘willing to step down’ from the head of the conservatorship, which has been in place since 2008, ‘when the time is right.’

Details: Jamie Spears last week told a Los Angeles court he was planning on stepping back from his position atop the conservatorship, which has been in place since 2008. He was snapped that year in LA 

In court docs, Jamie’s legal team said that he’s been ‘the unremitting target of unjustified attacks’ amid the publicly contested arrangement, which has seen a nationwide group of supporters for the singer – dubbed the #FreeBritney movement – frequently taking to the streets to demonstrate against the legal arrangement swirling around the songstress.

Jamie Spears ‘does not believe that a public battle with his daughter over his continuing service as her conservator would be in her best interests,’ his legal team said.

Britney spoke in a June 23 hearing about her hopes to end the arrangement, which was initially implemented amid a pileup of personal problems.

‘I just want my life back,’ she said. ‘And it’s been 13 years. And it’s enough. It’s been a long time since I’ve owned my money. And it’s my wish and my dream for all of this to end without being tested.’

The issue is set to come before a Los Angeles court in a September 29 hearing.

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