Britney Spears Says She’s An ‘Extremely Wicked Looking Vampire’ In Bizarre New Video

Britney Spears raised eyebrows with her latest dancing video on Instagram on March 29.

Britney Spears has fans questioning the meaning behind her latest Instagram clip. On Tuesday night, the pop star, 39, shared one of her typical dance videos — but it was her caption that sparked concern amongst fans. “I’m an extremely wicked looking vampire [sic] but really that’s the whole point !!!!”, Britney wrote alongside the video, which showed the singer dressed in a sheer top with an aqua colored bra underneath. 

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“What is going on?”, many fans asked in the comments. Meanwhile, others showered Britney with praise about her “stunning” look and “amazing” moves. “The most beautiful vampire ever,” another Instagram user shared.

The “Toxic” singer, who treated viewers to her iconic hair-flip, sported messy blonde locks, with her darker roots on display. She exposed her toned tummy in the clip, which showed Britney staring into the camera — black eyeliner and all.

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That same day, Britney shared a trio of selfies from her “vampire” dance session. Each photo was the same, but with a different filter. Though, the “last pic is the original !!!!”, the mother of two explained in her caption. Additionally, she added a “red” reference in her caption — something Britney has been cryptically incorporating in her social media posts. Nonetheless, it’s unclear what she means by the mysterious messaging.

“Girl we don’t even know what Red is yet,” one fan wrote in the comments of her second post. “WTH DOES RED MEANN???!”, another shared. — More comments similar to the latter continued, and we’re wondering the same. On March 25, Britney posted a photo of a red refrigerator to her Instagram feed, which resulted in the same reaction from fans.

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