Cardi B & Kids Surprise Offset with Breakfast in Bed for Father's Day

Offset got the royal treatment on Father’s Day — ’cause Cardi B and his kids were all over him as soon as he woke up … with a morning buffet that would make IHOP blush.

The rapper was treated to breakfast in bed Sunday, with 4 of his 5 children present — including his 2 with CB … Kulture and Wave, their baby boy. Cardi laid out a tray with a ton of tasty dishes ready to gobble … although Offset had to turn it around so he could feast.

There was just about everything you could imagine as far as food options — eggs, chicken, bacon, pancakes, fruit and what seems to be porridge of some sort.

Unclear if Offset was able to get a bite in, because his little ones seemed eager to have them read their cards/open their gifts downstairs — which, as a good dad, he obliged. BTW, their house was totally decked out in Father’s Day decorations … balloons and the like.

Seems like Offset took it all in stride and hammed it up with his kids, who seem to think their old man is a hoot. Sweet to see the whole fam together like this on a special day.

Congrats, Papa Bear!

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