Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards' daughter Sami, 19, parades boob job

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards’ daughter Sami, 19, parades new boob job in tank top… just weeks after OnlyFans model went under the knife

Sami Sheen headed out on a gal pal date night where she had no problem flaunting her hew boob job.

While out and about with a friend, the OnlyFans model had an impromptu photo shoot while the two were browsing through an Asian grocery store in Los Angeles, which was documented in an Instagram post.

Making use of their time before sitting down for dinner at a noodle restaurant, Sheen showed off her petite figure when she pulled her jacket down to her shoulders to show off her midriff and newly enhanced breasts.

Wearing just a cropped white tank top and faded blue jean, the social media personality struck a few poses in one of the store’s aisles, while looking away from the camera.

‘date night @sisigizz,’ Sheen, 19, wrote in the caption.

Sami Sheen, 19, shows off her newly enhanced breasts while out on a ‘date night’ with a gal pal, that included a stop at an Asian grocery store

On a couple of occasions, Sheen got flirty and pulled down on the side of her pants as she shifted her hip in a seductive manner. 

The daughter of actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards stood in that same aisle for sever more pictures.

By pulling down on her dark camouflage jacket she also revealed some of the tattoos adorned on her arms.

For one of the photos her girlfriend pulled in closer to Sheen’s toned figure that highlighted her flat midriff.

On this quiet night out on the town, the Los Angeles native had her dyed blonde locks pulled back off her face and into two ponytails.

The evening out with her gal pal also included a stop to eat dinner at the ramen noodle bar, Killer Noodle Tsujita.

While at the restaurant the two young ladies snapped some photo of each other eating a healthy bowl of ramen noodles.

During her meal Sheen made sure to still wear her jacket slightly open to help keep the emphasis on her significantly larger breasts.

Wearing loose-fitting faded blue jeans with a cropped tank top, the OnlyFans model struck a few seductive poses in one of the aisles in the grocery store

The daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards made sure to emphasize her breasts and midriff during her grocery exhibition

In one of the pictures, Sheen’s BFF pulled closer to the model in order to highlight her flat midriff and her newfound cleavage

The social media personality also posed for the camera while eating dinner at the ramen noodle bar, Killer Noodle Tsujita in Los Angeles

The model wore a dark camouflage jacket that she would pull down to her shoulders

Sheen was also play amateur photographer and turn the camera on her girlfriend while they ate their ramen noodles

The two friends would also strike a pose together in front of mirror that appears to be near the ramen noodle restaurant

At one point the model took her hand at amateur photographer when she took the camera and shot a photo of her friend, just as she was taking a big bite of her own noodle bowl. 

The two friends would also pose together in front of a mirror that appears to be just outside the ramen restaurant.

Her buddy kept it loose and casual in an all-black ensemble, consisting of high-water pants, a matching sweatshirt and platform sneakers.

The date night with her gal pal comes over two weeks after she underwent breast augmentation, despite pleas from her mother Denise Richards to not go forward with the elective procedure.

Before going under the knife, the teenager showed the markings made by her plastic surgeon that mapped out the size of her implants and place of incision.

She did so by posing in her bathroom mirror with her t-shirt lifted up to expose her under bust.

Sami Sheen showed markings made by her plastic surgeon that mapped out the size of her implants and place of incision before going under the knife this week

The social media personality documented her surgery on her Snapchat platform

Sheen proudly showed off her new cleavage in an Snapchat post nearly two weeks after breast augmentation surgery

The model  documented her road to the operating table on Snapchat, where at one point she announced: ‘It’s surgery time!!!!!’ 

In several photos, Sami was seen wearing a green hospital gown and a bonnet as she waited for her plastic surgeon. 

After the successful surgery, she was wheeled out of the hospital and made sure to let her followers know that it was ‘done.’ 

Sheen has previously expressed a desire for a boob job and how she believes it will help boost her already booming OnlyFans career. 

The ‘sex worker’ also suggested she may pose topless for her fans once she goes  through with the surgery and recovers.




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