Charlie Sheen's decline before he was FIRED from hit show

Two and a Half Men director lays bare Charlie Sheen’s desperate decline before he was FIRED from hit show – as his stylist insists 58-year-old actor is now completely clean and ‘doesn’t even smoke cigarettes’

  • Sheen was fired from the hit sitcom in 2011 after a bitter feud with Chuck Lorre
  • His dramatic departure also came amid a public battle with addiction 
  • The star’s fall from grace is put under the radar in ViceTV’s latest documentary

A director on Two and a Half Men has spilled the shocking details of Charlie Sheen’s drug-fueled spiral that led to his sensational firing from the hit sitcom – including how he stopped showing up for work. 

The 58-year-old actor, who played Charlie Harper in the smash hit series, was dramatically dropped from the CBS show in 2011 after making a slew of controversial statements about showrunner Chuck Lorre, while also battling addiction.

Vice TV’s latest episode of The Dark Side of the 2000s is dedicated to Sheen’s self-destruction, with Two and a Half Men director Jamie Widdoes shedding light on his fall from grace and how the star’s behavior impacted the cast and crew. 

‘We all just would soldier on, and we would try and separate whatever was going on with Charlie outside with our job, which is to make a television show,’ he began. ‘And that became more and more trying and more and more of an issue.’

Charlie Sheen played Charlie Harper in the hit series Two and a Half Men from 2003 to 2011

The actor, pictured here with his co-star Jon Cryer, was sensationally fired from the sitcom in March 2011 

He was seen on the rooftop of Live Nation building in Beverly Hills drinking ‘Tiger Blood’ on March 7, 2011 – the day he was fired

The actor’s infamous downward spiral was heavily publicized for years

In 2010, amid his public struggle with addiction, Sheen was given a pay increase of $1.8million an episode – making him the highest TV actor in history.

However, this move proved to be disastrous, and in October 2010, just two months after leaving rehab, he allegedly trashed a hotel room at New York’s Plaza Hotel. 

At the time, he was found naked and highly intoxicated.

‘We were all genuinely worried about him,’ Widdoes continued. ‘And Charlie [would just say], “Don’t worry I’m fine.”

‘Whatever he was battling outside was starting to not just leak in, it was starting to flood in.’

Gabriel Solana, Sheen’s personal make-up artist, also said that the actor would share to him privately that he struggled with the stagnancy of the show.

‘I knew that something in Charlie wasn’t already too comfortable in the show because he’ll come to me and say, “I don’t know man, I’m not feeling this. This is a little bit monotonous for me already. What’s next for me?” 

Solana added that Sheen wanted to ‘expand’ his horizons, but that ‘wasn’t happening for him’ and he remained ‘stuck’ with his Two and a Half Men character.

Sheen with his dad Martin Sheen six months after he was let go from Two and a Half Men

Sheen’s dramatic exit came after he made controversial statements about showrunner Chuck Lorre, while also battling addiction

Two and a Half Men director Jamie Widdoes opened up about Sheen’s spiral in ViceTV’s latest documentary episode of The Dark Side of the 2000s

Widdoes disclosed that Sheen soon stopped showing up for work altogether. 

‘The word came down that Charlie’s stand-in’s going to do the Monday table read,’ he said.

‘And what happened, as we got more and more into season eight was that the Monday table read started to become the Tuesday rehearsal as well.’

The final nail in the coffin for Sheen’s tenure on Two and a Half Men came when he called into the Alex Jones Show radio program to publicly slam Lorre in February 2011. 

‘I’ve spent, I think, close to the last decade, I don’t know, effortlessly and magically converting your tin can into pure gold,’ he blasted at the time. 

‘And the gratitude I get is this charlatan chose not to do his job, which is to write.’

The public lashing came just one mother after Sheen underwent a rehabilitation program at his home, his third attempt at getting sober in one year. 

Sheen was eventually fired from Two and a Half Men one month later and replaced by Ashton Kutcher, with a statement reading: ‘After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on Two and a Half Men effective immediately.’

Gabriel Solana, Sheen’s personal make-up artist claimed that the actor struggled with the stagnancy of the sitcom

The actor’s private life began to impact the cast and the crew, with his stand-in turning up for rehearsals

in December 2018, Sheen, who has also given up smoking, celebrated one year of sobriety 

Years after his shock departure, Sheen revealed to Matt Lauer on the Today Show that he had been diagnosed with HIV. 

‘I wish I could blame it on that,’ he said of his spiral into addiction. ‘That was more of a (ste)roid rage. This was on the heels of that.’ 

Sheen would continue his spat with Lorre for several years. He still had an issue in 2017 when he described the writer as ‘the most miserable f*cking douchebag’ during an appearance on The Kyle And Jackie O show.

Four years later though, and Sheen admitted that there were ’55 different’ and better ways to have handled his firing from Two and a Half Men that did not include calling Lorre names like a ‘turd’ or ‘clown.’

In a dramatic turn of events, it was announced earlier this year that the pair would be teaming up for the upcoming comedy series, How to Be a Bookie, marking their first project together since Two and a Half Men.

The show will follow ‘veteran bookie’ (Sebastian Maniscalco) as he ‘struggles to survive the impending legalization of sports gambling, increasingly unstable clients, family, co-workers, and a lifestyle that bounces him around every corner of Los Angeles high and low’.

Sheen has since managed to turn his life around and celebrated one year of sobriety in December 2018 – much to the surprise of his make-up artist.

‘He’s completely clean today,’ Solana said. ‘He doesn’t even smoke cigarettes… I never thought he was going to do that.’

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