Chrishell Stause Opens Up About G Flip Romance, Thanks Open-Minded Fans for Listening

Chrishell Stause is more aware than anyone that she has received a range of reactions to her relationship with G-Flip.

Some have been as perplexed as Maya Vander. Others wonderfully supportive. There has also been some appalling bigotry.

For those wondering about the Selling Sunset star and the musician, Chrishell has a very gentle, earnest explanation.

She also wants to thank her fans for having the curious minds and open hearts to be willing to learn.

Chrishell knows that the range of fan responses to her romance with G Flip starts at “what does nonbinary mean” and ends at “the fan themself is nonbinary.”

And, of course, a lot of places in between.

In the wake of the Selling Sunset Reunion special (the first of its kind), which Chrishell reminds everyone was edited for time, she shared an Instagram video.

“For those that are open to learning (you’re awesome) sex is anatomical and gender is how someone identifies,” Chrishell captioned.

“These two things are often confused,” she wrote.

“There are many more qualified people to speak on this,” Chrishell acknowledged, “but maybe I can be the bridge to those of you open to understanding.”

“There was some context that was missing,” Chrishell shared within the video itself, referring to the Reunion.

“At this point, I think some of you are confused or worried,” she noted, having seen people’s comments.

Some wonder why, if she broken up with Jason Oppenheim because he doesn’t want kids, she’d move on with someone with whom she cannot conceive.

“Like I said on the show, you don’t get to choose when you come into someone’s life,” Chrishell reasoned.

“As much as I wish what I wanted in my last relationship aligned [with Jason over the] same things, it didn’t,” she said. “And that’s OK.”

Jason, however, has been very supportive of her moving on, even replying with encouragement under this very Instagram post.

“In this current situation with G … yes, I wish we were in the same stage in our life and wanted the same things,” Chrishell admitted.

“But,” she emphasized, “that doesn’t diminish the deep connection that we have made.”

Conscious of widespread anti-trans bigotry, Chrishell acknowledged that some of her followers “won’t understand or agree” with her romance with G Flip.

Even so, Chrishell shared, she is confident in the relationship — and isn’t too fixated on anatomy to fall in love.

“For me, it is about the person. It is about their heart,” she noted.

“I am attracted to masculine energy,” Chrishell continued, “and I don’t really care about what the physical form is.”

“With G, they identify as nonbinary,” Chrishell explained, offering a very hand-holdey rundown of what it means to be nonbinary for G Flip.

“They really feel like they are a mix,” she continued. “They identify on both sides of male and female.”

Chrishell expressed: “I personally find [it] such a beautiful mix and it’s probably why we did connect on such a deep level so quick.”

Chrishell also affirmed that she and Jason are in a good place as exes.

“[My new relationship] doesn’t diminish how much love we have for each other, Jason and I, and how much we want each other to genuinely be happy,” she announced.

Chrishell continued: “I feel, like, Jason and I, we genuinely want what’s best for each other.”

“We know the behind-the-scenes stuff,” Chrishell said of Jason’s personal life. “I know he’s living his best life and I want that for him.”

As far as the discussion of gender, attraction, and sexuality, she admitted that it might be “confusing” for some.

Chrishell reminded her fans: “I’m the same person that you’ve been following this whole time.”

“I hope if this is all confusing to you, stick around and keep an open mind,” Chrishell encouraged.

“If you don’t, I understand that too,” she generously added. “But I’m happy and I hope that you all are as well. Sending lots of love.”

Chrishell concluded: “Right now, I’m enjoying life. I’m really happy. You don’t have to be worried about me guys.”

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