Coleen Rooney says Wagatha Christie court case ‘took toll’ on Wayne marriage

Coleen and Wayne Rooney's marriage took a few scrapes along the way of her 'Wagatha Christie' trial.

Rewinding back to October 2019, the mum-of-four, 37, sensationally accused fellow footballer's wife Rebekah Vardy – her husband Jamie plays for Leicester City FC – of leaking stories about her to the national tabloids, before going on to win a High Court legal battle in the summer of 2022 once Rebekah, 41, issued Coleen with a defamation charge.

For the latest edition of British Vogue, Coleen candidly opened up on the implications this had on her relationship with Wayne, 37, who now manages DC United in Major League Soccer.

"He was supportive, you know, but it took its toll," she told the publication.

"He kept saying all the way throughout it: 'Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.' But there were certain moments where we did have disagreements. Not over the case, but he would get annoyed with me because I was quite short-tempered. You know. I didn’t have time for him.

"We’ve had our ups and downs. Obviously everybody knows. It’s been hard to go through it in the public eye but there has always been love there. If the love is gone then, you know, it’s pointless. But if not, you’ve got something to work for.

"It’s been a battle at times. I look at [any] situation we’re in and think, ‘Could we move forward from that? Is it worth moving forward from that?’ I don't just give up."

According to Coleen, who shares a quartet of sons with Wayne in Kai, Klay, Kit and Cass, her hubby was royally unprepared for the many appearances this high-profile case demanded.

"It was the day before we were going to London and I was like, 'Where are all your suits?' He was like 'They don’t fit me.' So I’m like 's***!' It had to be a quick fix in Marks & Spencer."

Meanwhile, it came to light just recently that Rebekah was ordered to pay 90% of her rival's legal fees – approximately £1.6 million.

An OK! source commented: "Coleen could be nasty and bring in the bailiffs, which she hasn’t done yet. It would be a huge embarrassment for Rebekah. But at the moment she’s just waiting and wants to get the money. She wants it because she’s owed it and it’s what’s right.

"This fight is not over and she’s determined to get every penny that is owed. She’s wasted enough time and money on this already. It wasn’t Coleen who wanted to go to court in the first place. She gave Rebekah many chances to not do it. But she pushed and pushed and pushed for this and now Coleen wants the money.

"Rebekah thinks Coleen’s fees are totally inflated. But the fact is, Coleen got the best lawyers to protect herself because she had to. She didn’t want to go to court, so she got David Sherborne – who was also Prince Harry’s barrister – to represent her. He doesn’t come cheap, but she had to get the best representation."

See the full feature in the September issue of British Vogue, available via digital download and on newsstands from Tuesday 22 August

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