Country Singer Clare Dunn Assaulted by Lyft Driver in Nashville

Country singer Clare Dunn is terrified her alleged attacker — a Lyft driver in Nashville — is out there abusing another woman, because nearly 2 months after she was beaten on a roadside … he’s still free.

Clare says she’d been out in Nashville with girlfriends on June 25, and around midnight she got Lyft to take herself and one of her friends home. The driver dropped off the friend first, and then started a 10-mile drive to Clare’s place — but she knew something was wrong when he refused to take the route she requested.

The singer — who lives in Colorado, but was in Music City working on an album — says the driver sped onto a highway before finally pulling over about a mile from her stop, and dragging out of the backseat by her collar and slamming to the ground.

Clare says she was face-down in a ditch as she desperately tried to dial 911 on her phone, but couldn’t as he was assaulting her. She was out cold for some period of time, and when she came to she started screaming … and the driver fled at that point.

Clare went to an emergency room for treatment and filed a police report. She’s identified the driver to a detective, and while there’s a warrant out for the suspect’s arrest … cops still haven’t tracked him down.

She told People, “He’s out on the street — is he doing this to someone else? Does he have a wife he’s abusing? Does he have a girlfriend he’s abusing like this? Because he obviously has no regard right now.”

Lyft says it’s fired the driver and is helping law enforcement with the investigation.

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