Dan Aykroyd Moves in With New Girlfriend After Choosing to Stay Married Despite Split From Wife

The ‘Ghostbusters’ actor lets it slip that he has moved on following his separation with longtime wife Donna Dixon and now he lives with his new girlfriend.

AceShowbizDan Aykroyd believes he suffers from Asperger’s even though it’s not been medically diagnosed. Despite thinking he is on the “spectrum,” he is now settled in a new relationship.

He split last year from his actress wife of almost 40 years Donna Dixon, 66, with whom he has three daughters, and said about being with a new woman – whose identity he is keeping secret, “I live with a lady partner and we’re very happy.”

“Donna and I are not cohabiting, but we’re great friends. We’re collaborating on a screenplay. We agreed on an amicable separation and we’re both much happier for it.”

Of his possible Asperger’s, the 71-year-old “Ghostbusters” actor thinks becoming obsessed with subjects including poltergeists, blues music, and booze, is a sign he has the condition – although its more common symptoms include not understanding emotions and having less facial expressions than other people.

“I know a lot of talented people on the spectrum. I’m not medically diagnosed but I know I have a touch of (Asperger’s). It helps with the focus, and there’s something in the mind that pops creatively with people on the spectrum. It’s a good community and people shouldn’t look at it as a handicap, but as an advantage,” Dan told the Daily Mail.

Dan, who dropped out of university to pursue comedy and made his way to Hollywood where a group of writers were working on a new late-night comedy show called “Saturday Night Live” – and he was seen as so talented he became its youngest cast member aged 23.

He admitted some of their work would never be approved for broadcast in today’s ‘woke’ world. Dan said, “Some sketches might get me cancelled today. But I think in general, what was accepted then is still accepted now; when humour is skilfully done, it’s still funny.”

“There are more rules today, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. There was a lot of racial and homophobic stuff in the ’80s and ’90s, and there should be no place for that.”

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