Dan Wootton blasts Prince Charles: The Windsors must remain ‘whiter than white’

Dan Wootton’s latest Daily Mail column actually shocked me. I wasn’t shocked about the subject matter, mind you. Wootton’s column this week is about how Wootton is “beginning to doubt that Prince Charles has the capacity to become King Charles III without threatening the future of the British monarchy.” In the piece, Wootton mentions the fact that Charles was accepting literal suitcases full of cash from shady Qatari billionaires, and the fact that Charles was publicly aggrieved about Boris Johnson’s scheme to send immigrants to Rwanda. Both subjects are like catnip to someone like Wootton. No, what shocked me was one particular line in Wootton’s column, where he explicitly says that the monarchy must remain “whiter than white.”

How much longer are we going to turn a collective blind eye to the improper behaviour of Prince Charles that isn’t fit for a king? For years, the heir’s allies have insisted the closer he comes to the throne, the more consciously he will adjust and tone down the more controversial aspects of his behaviour. Sadly, mounting evidence makes it clear to anyone with half a brain that’s blatantly not the case.

If anything, Charles’s conduct is becoming more inappropriate as his mother enters the twilight years of her spectacular and historic reign.

As a proud monarchist who staunchly believes the Royal Family must remain politically neutral and whiter than white, I’m desperately worried about what could transpire upon the Queen’s death (which I hope and pray remains many years away).

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m sure that Wootton and his defenders will claim that, in context, he meant “whiter than white” to mean “above reproach” and “nothing secretive or questionable.” But that’s the thing about these British commentators, they love a racist dog whistle. They love when they can say something hideously racist and condescendingly explain that of course that wasn’t what they meant. Who can forget “exotic DNA” or “Nappy New Year,” both of which appeared in mainstream British print outlets. And if asked, I’m sure Wootton would admit that he does want/expect the Windsors to stay all-white in their white power suits and white supremacist dog whistles.

Incidentally, in the middle of Wootton’s anti-Charles rant, he also wrote: “Worryingly, I fear Prince William may be starting to take his lead from daddy rather than his impeccable grandmother. He recently hijacked the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace to broadcast eco-catastrophe p-rn.” Well well well. I’m sure that was by design as well – can’t be too obvious about the Wootton-Baldemort connection, can we? William must love that too, the idea that his weaksauce environmentalism is somehow “politically sensitive” or “controversial.”

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