Delta 'Karen' Allegedly Tried Fighting Cops in DUI Arrest

The woman who got arrested on a Delta flight on Xmas Eve after spitting on a passenger and striking him on the head, after grousing to a flight attendant that she was no Rosa Parks … well, it’s not her first run-in with authorities, because we’ve learned she tried picking a fight with cops just a month earlier as she was arrested for DUI.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … on November 10, Patricia Cornwall crashed into a tree in Santa Rosa Beach. Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene and asked her if she needed medical help. She said she did not and was merely trying to get her car “unstuck.”

According to the police report, Cornwall became belligerent, refusing to ID herself. She got out of her car “going after EMS and Fire.” The deputy who wrote the report said, “Once we stopped her she tried to fight us. At that point, she was detained for her safety and ours.”

Cops say her breath smelled of alcohol, she had slurred speech and her face was flushed.

Cornwall refused to take a breathalyzer and failed the field sobriety test.

She was arrested for DUI. That case is pending. Her next court date is January 5.

As we reported, Cornwall was also arrested on Xmas Eve on that Delta flight, after first getting into it with a flight attendant and then attacking an 80-year-old man. The flight attendant was in the middle of beverage service and the cart was blocking the aisle. When the flight attendant told Cornwall, who had just gotten out of the bathroom in the back, to find an open seat until service ended, she shot back, “What am I Rosa Parks?”

Cornwall, a former Raiders cheerleader and currently a realtor, ended up getting into it with the male passenger, berating him for not wearing a mask — he was eating at the time. And, as she was screaming at him she herself didn’t have her mask around her mouth or nose.

She now faces federal assault charges.

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