Deshaun Watson Admits Sexual Encounters with Masseuses, Always 'Consensual'

Deshaun Watson‘s attorney says the QB admits he had sexual encounters with some of his massage therapists over the years — but insists it was always consensual.

“Were there consensual encounters? Yes,” Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, said Friday while addressing the media.

A reporter followed up with this question — “So, you’re saying on Instagram, Deshaun reached out to some of these women booking a legitimate massage and then engaged in consensual sex acts with some of these women?”

Hardin’s response: “On some occasions, some sexual activities would have taken place,”

“I’m not going into what it is, or the nature, or the numbers, or with whom but I think you can rightfully assume that.”

“The question that we have always been emphasizing, never at any time under any circumstances … did this young man ever engage in anything that was not mutually desired by the other party.”

The point of Hardin’s news conference was to point out that Deshaun deserves a fair shot to defend himself in court instead of letting the case play out in the media.

Hardin’s defense team explained why they believe Watson is a good man who never crossed the line with any of the accusers.

But, several questions remain … specifically regarding the now confirmed sexual activity with various massage therapists.

Hardin explained Watson gets roughly 150 massages per year to keep his body in prime shape for his job as an NFL quarterback.

He also said it’s not unusual for millennials to use Instagram to find businesses to patronize … including massage therapists.

Hardin says another reason Watson used Instagram as a tool to find massage therapists is because COVID made it difficult to find a regular masseuse.

When asked what Deshaun’s reaction has been to the mounting lawsuits, Hardin put it this way:

“He’s dumbfounded. He’s truly dumbfounded.”

“If you’re the average citizen that’s never been caught up in anything, this is insane. That’s really his reaction.”

“When I told him of that first allegation and the third lawsuit that somehow he used force or something, I didn’t know him at the time, when I told him he was in disbelief.”

“He asked me two or three times, ‘I forced her?!’ and then he just started crying. That’s his reaction and that the thing for yall to remember. we don’t cry about things that we did.”

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