Dog The Bounty Hunter Goes On Homophobic Rant & Appears To Threaten Dylan Mulvaney In Livestream!

Dog the Bounty Hunter went all in on some disturbing homophobic remarks in a Tuesday livestream interview on Facebook.

The 70-year-old reality TV veteran appeared on Sharell Barrera‘s livestream show on the social network alongside his wife, Francie Frane. And since Barrera is a well-known Christian minister and online evangelist, their back-and-forth centered on God and religion. There wasn’t a whole lot of God’s love during the chat, though. At least not in the most notable and unsettling parts…

At one point during the chat with Barrera, Dog slammed the “Holy Rollers.” That term has been used to reference evangelical Protestant Christians in the US. Basically, religious people of the last couple generations who have tried to spread the word of God in, um, a pushy way.

Arguing their failures to convert people to Christianity have contributed to society’s current-day status, Dog said this according to a TMZ-captured clip of part of the livestream:

“For many years, these holy rollers have done just that — rolled around. And you see where they’ve got us now. They’ve got kids changing their sexuality. They talk about tithing more than they do about what’s going on. They’re so wacko themselves that where they have brought us all is to the gates of hell. So we have to stop all that, rebuke them.”

That’s interesting, we suppose. A Christian slamming other Christians for what he sees as shortcomings in the movement. OK! But Dog did not stop there. In fact, the rest of his criticism shifted from being focused on other Christians to instead attacking the LGBT community and its allies.

As both Barrera and Frane cheered on, Dog — whose real name is Duane Chapman — added:

“Jesus was not a sissy … He was not a sissy man. We don’t need no more sissy men. We need men and women that are willing to stand up against evil and speak the word of God.”

Oh, here we go…

And he used that angle to attack Pride Month, the LGBT community, and their allies. Dog used shockingly violent language to make his point, saying:

“There’s two ways to rebuke it : in Jesus’ name and then physically.”

While laughing, Barrera replied:

“You like laying hands on people, Dog, and I have a feeling it’s not the type of hands we do in the church.”


Dog made a play on the Pride Month moniker by saying “pride cometh before the fall.” He also added an apparent reference to corporations like TargetBud Light, and others who have come under fire recently for supporting gay and transgender individuals:

“All these guys that are backing those jokers up are taking billion-dollar beatings, they’re falling.”

And in a shocking moment later in the video, per the New York Daily News, he specifically appeared to threaten transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney with violence while misgendering her at the same time:

“If I ever see him, I’m dropping him.”

What the F**K?!?!

Dylan did nothing to you, dude. That’s not exactly a Christ-like attitude… Later on, Dog tried to walk back his latent anger a bit by adding this attempt at forgiveness:

“I have compassion for people who are like that. They need to be saved, and delivered. I have friends that are that way. I have a family member that is that way. But that’s not the way God made us. He didn’t make Adam and Steve. He made Adam and Eve. So, that’s exactly how it is.”

As you may recall, back in 2021, Dog confirmed to ET that his daughter Lyssa is gay, so that would appear to be the “family member” remark he’s making there.

Still, what a shocking and unsettling rant. And the apparent physical threat against Mulvaney?! Like, WHY?? She did nothing to you, Dog! This is exactly the kind of rhetoric that gets people hurt or killed! SO UNACCEPTABLE!!!

You can see a clip of his cruel commentary HERE. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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