‘Don’t do this!’ Michael Buble’s lawyer warned him against creating new album

Michael Buble plays music with his wife Luisana Lopilato

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Musical legend Michael Buble revealed he’d been inundated with letters from lawyers warning him not to make his new album, Higher. But Michael ignored their pleas that the record would not be cost-effective, and completed it anyway.

I think I’ve got seven letters from my lawyer and another from my management, everybody saying ‘Don’t do this’

Michael Buble

“The video for [the album’s lead single] I’ll Never Not Love You was a huge task,” he admitted.

“I think I’ve got seven letters from my lawyer and another from my management, everybody saying ‘Don’t do this. It’s way too ambitious, it’s going to way too hard to get right.'”

The 46-year-old recalled how he had been told his creative ambitions would consume “way too much” time and money.

However, he was determined to see it through, and also asked his wife Luisana Lopilato, an Argentinian actress, to join him on film.

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At the end of the video, the pair appear along with their three children to announce that baby number four is on the way for the Buble household.

Meanwhile, the ambitious production, inspired by Michael’s love of popular cinema, also included features of romantic scenes from his favourite movies, such as Titanic.

The crooner can also be seen on the video holding up hand-written placards promising his wife he’ll never hurt her like a previous man did.

The overall cost was huge but he was unrepentant about putting personal creative satisfaction above profit, questioning: “How dead inside I would be if I wasn’t inspired by my beautiful kids and my wife to write beautiful music?”

He added in a video published on Reuters: “For me, it was less about what could come back financially and more about [doing] all I could to tell the story of what I think is the greatest record of my life.”

He was inspired not just by the happier moments he’d experienced, but also tragedy and trauma.

For instance, he confirmed that three original songs on the album were inspired by his family, including the anguish of learning that his eldest son, Noah, had been diagnosed with liver cancer.

The tot was just three at the time of the discovery back in 2016 – and he is fortunately now in remission, after having battled the disease for a year.


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The Canadian crooner confessed that he hadn’t wanted to talk about the harrowing ordeal, but that it was “impossible” to avoid it.

He has also spoken out on the surprising yet touching generosity of fellow musical star Elton John for caring about little Noah.

The pair barely knew each other, but that didn’t stop 75-year-old Elton, who had previously wanted to adopt a child from Ukraine, from phoning him every week “without fail” to offer his support.

He told Magic Radio Breakfast in memory of the poignant gesture: “I didn’t know him [but] he called me every single Sunday.

“Every single Sunday he would call to tell me that he and [partner] David [Furnish] were praying for me and that they loved us and would send toys.”

Meanwhile a terrified Michael cancelled tour commitments and even quit music altogether for almost two years so that he could be by his son’s side during his cancer battle.

Besides Noah, Michael and his wife also have two younger children – six-year-old Elias and three-year-old Vida – plus the eagerly anticipated and as yet unnamed new arrival.

Meanwhile, the new album is expected to be a hit with fans, including features with Willie Nelson and ex-Beatle Paul McCartney.

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