Dorinda Medley Reportedly Booted Out Of Luann De Lesseps' NYC Cabaret Show After Drunken Drama With Staff!

Dorinda Medley is dealing with the fallout after an apparent issue at Luann de Lesseps‘ New York City-based cabaret show over the weekend.

According to reports, Dorinda was “escorted out” of NYC hotspot 54 Below during the middle of de Lesseps’ much-loved cabaret show on Saturday night. There are conflicting reports coming out now, but multiple sources are claiming Dorinda was “really drunk” at the venue and causing a scene for Luann, paying customers, and the venue’s service staff alike.

One source close to the Countess spoke to Page Six about what reportedly transpired on Saturday evening. According to that insider, the 57-year-old cabaret lead was horrified to find that Dorinda was booted from the premises at 54 Below after an alleged verbal altercation with staff in the middle of the night’s performance.

The insider explained what Medley allegedly did to get herself kicked out early from the cabaret. That source also claimed the longtime Real Housewives of New York City star has now earned herself a “permanent” ban at the club, too:

“She was asked to leave and she’s now been permanently banned from the club by management, never to step foot in there again. She made several staffers actually cry. She was really drunk and kept yelling, ‘I don’t get paid to be here!’”

Oh, no…

While the outlet notes that reps from 54 Below did not comment about the alleged incident, social media users definitely did. The story first exploded over the weekend on a Bravo-focused Instagram celebrity tea account. A fan wrote in to the IG account Queens of Bravo and shared key details about what allegedly transpired with the “wasted” reality TV star’s “bad behavior” at the venue:

“I was at the countess cabaret tonight in NYC with my girlfriends! It was wild! I can confirm that there were more drunk people there than at the club. It was so fun! As a long time fan of Dorinda, I was thrilled to see her there. She arrived and welcomed a full spectacle and was helping the crowd get pumped up by encouraging them to sing and dance in the aisle. She was clearly wasted by the end and was heard screaming at waiters, staff, and other guests, even while Lu was performing! It was crazy.”

That anonymous fan continued:

“After she was escorted out for her bad behavior she was seen outside waiting for a cab clearly unable to walk without assistance. My friends and I kept trying to take a pic with her but she yelled at us too. It was awesome! The countess cabaret is a must!”

Along with the anonymous message, that IG account shared two video clips from the apparent night in question.

In one, a woman identified as Dorinda can be heard allegedly yelling at a venue staffer as a fan records what is going on. In the second clip, Dorinda and Luann can be seen on stage together sharing a moment that reportedly occurred earlier in the night.

You can see both clips along with the original message (below):

A post shared by Queens of Bravo (@queensofbravoplus)


For her part, Medley has now twice denied she was prematurely booted from the show or permanently banned from the venue. In an Instagram Live video recorded over the weekend, she tried to walk back claims she was forcibly removed from the scene and instead said she chose to leave early on her own:

“No, I wasn’t escorted out. I left. I left because I was tired.”

The 58-year-old star’s publicist went on to share another very strong denial with Page Six, too.

In their report published on Monday, the media outlet quotes Dorinda’s PR flack who claimed the RHONY alum had a “routine cold” and left early in the nigh so as not to expose others to the sickness:

“She wanted to make her exit prior to the crowd exiting so she wouldn’t expose others to her cold, she arrived right at the start of the show for the same reason. She was never intoxicated and made no one cry, one of Luann’s cabaret employees was kind enough to order her an Uber to get safely home. The club never asked her to leave and you can confirm with ownership she would be welcomed back any time.”

Can’t be too careful with COVID and all, right? Yeah, something like that…

Interestingly, Page Six also interviewed several audience members who were reportedly at the venue on Saturday. They both confirmed the earlier anonymous account about Dorinda appearing “drunk” and supposedly getting into some kind of shouting match with a staffer.

One purported eyewitness identified as Donna Carrera claimed:

“When we got , it appeared she was in a convo with someone, a young woman manager, so we waited for a pic, but we quickly realized that this was not a convo and Dorinda was yelling at the woman and getting in her face. The woman was very professional and took it. Dorinda was going on about how she basically was bringing liveliness to the show. It was almost as if Dorinda was implying she was the one that was getting the crowd riled up and causing them to have a great time.”

Carrera added:

“She was clearly drunk and getting drunker as the show progressed and she kept jumping up to be included in the show while Luann was on stage. The way she is on RHONY was exactly as she behaved that night.”


Carrera and her friend, whom the outlet identifies as Tae Love, then said Dorinda was allegedly “ushered out of the lobby” by a staffer, only to return to her table minutes later. Love claimed Medley would “scream” at the attendant throughout the fracas, and was “slurring her words” during the disruption.

Love added:

“One of the employees told us on the way out that was drunk and rude to staff and that’s why they asked her to leave, especially since she thought she didn’t have to pay her tab which is what started all the madness.”


FWIW, the outlet also coincidentally reports a claim from Luann that a fan “threw up on her” at Saturday’s show after laughing “so hard” at one of her jokes on stage. Soooo the whole event sounds like a s**t show, to be honest. But we’re kind of here for it?! And whatever the f**k is going on with Dorinda??

What do y’all think about these salacious claims being made about Medley, Perezcious readers?? Share your takes down in the comments (below)…

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