Dr. Dre to pay $100 MILLION to Nicole Young in divorce settlement

Dr. Dre to pay $100 MILLION to ex-wife Nicole Young as they settle divorce… and the rapper is ‘delighted’ she’s ‘only’ getting fraction of his $820M fortune

  • Dr. Dre and ex-wife Nicole Young have reached a divorce settlement
  • The rapper will pay Young $50 million now and the same amount in one year
  • The former NWA member has an incredible fortune valued at $820 million
  • Young had been seeking half of Dre’s assets but was stymied by a prenup
  • Dre will keep the rights to his master recordings
  • His ex won’t receive spousal support and is on the hook for her legal fees 
  • Young filed for divorce in June 2020, and it was finalized this December 

Dr. Dre will be forced to pay $100 million to his ex-wife Nicole Young after the couple finalized a divorce settlement.

The 56-year-old rapper is ‘delighted’ to have managed to ‘only’ pay what amounts to a fraction of his $820 million fortune, TMZ reported on Tuesday. 

The former NWA member’s 51-year-old ex had originally been seeking half of his assets, but she was stymied by a prenuptial agreement that the former couple had signed.

Payday: Dr. Dre, 56, will have to pay his ex-wife Nicole Young (R) $100 million as part of their newly filed divorce settlement, TMZ reported on Tuesday; seen in 2018 in Los Angeles

Under the agreement, Dre will be able to split up his massive payments, with Young receiving $50 million now and another $50 million in one year.

The terms of the settlement appear to be favorable to the hip hop icon, and he will also be keeping seven properties that the former couple shared.

He’ll be holding on to their home in Malibu, as well as two properties in Calabasas and four more in Los Angeles, including a mansion in the city’s tony Brentwood neighborhood worth $100 million.

Young also was unable to chip away at his music money, and he’ll keep the rights to his lucrative master recordings.

Favorable: Dre will retain seven of the couple’s properties, including a $100 million Brentwood mansion, and he’ll keep the rights to his master recordings; seen in 2014 in Sacramento, Calif.

The rapper (born Andre Young) will also retain all of his trademarks and any commercial partnerships and trusts that he’s already invested in.

After he sold his wildly popular Beats by Dre empire to Apple, he earned a significant chunk of stock in the company, which he will also hold on to.

The former couple’s vehicles will be divided somewhat more evenly, with Young getting to keep four, while her ex-husband will keep six.

She’ll also keep all of her pricy jewelry, as well as all of the funds that she had managed throughout her marriage to Dre.

After she filed for divorce, her ex placed several of their belongings in storage, but she will be able to reclaim all the items that were hers.

Bargained too long? Sources close to Dre claimed that Young could have gotten a bigger payout had she settled back in 2020; pictured together in 2015 in Los Angeles

However, Young will be responsible for paying her own legal fees, which will have amounted to millions of dollars after the lengthy divorce battle.

Insiders close to Dre claimed to the publication that he would have been willing to pay her more in a settlement if she had agreed to his terms back in 2020.

‘She could have even been on the field for the Super Bowl halftime show as a friendly ex-wife,’ one insider claimed.

The famous exes had feuded during their drawn-out divorce battle over potential spousal support for Young, but that avenue has been closed off in the final settlement, so Dre’s payments of $100 million should be the final money she receives from him. 

A previous temporary order from the judge overseeing the divorce required Dre to pay Young $293,306 per month in spousal support, though the final agreement ends those payments.

He had previously made a one-time payment of $2 million to his ex, along with $500,000 for her legal fees. It’s unclear if those funds will be subtracted from the final settlement, or if she will get to keep them.

Earlier in December, Dre celebrated finalizing his divorce with a photo of himself beaming in front of a display of large silver balloons spelling out ‘Divorced AF.’

Celebrate! Earlier in December, Dre celebrated finalizing his divorce with a photo of himself beaming in front of a display of large silver balloons spelling out ‘Divorced AF’

Sources claimed to TMZ at the time that a final agreement hadn’t been signed, but his lawyer Laura Wasser said the two were technically divorced but still working on the financial details at the time.

Dre and Young tied the knot in 1996 and share daughter Truly Young, 20, and son Truice Young, 24.

During their tumultuous divorce proceedings, Young claimed in her initial filing that the music producer threw her out of their home on April 2, 2020, after a night of his ‘alcohol-induced, brutal rage, which included, but was not limited to, his screaming at her to “get the f*** out.”‘

She also claimed the marriage was ‘earmarked by all types of abuse,’ and she including shocking claims that he had punched her and even pointed a gun at her head at several times. 

Dre has denied all the abuse allegations, but they fit in with a pattern, as he has been accused of abusing women multiple times throughout his career.

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