Drew Barrymore Breaks Down Crying After Getting Meaningful Tattoo

Drew Barrymore is celebrating Mother’s Day with a permanent reminder of what’s most important to her. The 46-year-old single mom of daughters Olive, 8, and Frankie, 7, surprised viewers on Thursday’s episode of her self-titled talk show by getting a tattoo on the air. 

For the special moment, Barrymore enlisted artist Ryan Ashley, the first female winner of Ink Master, and chose a phrase she coined for her family. 

“I am so excited. I came up with this phrase and I’ve been saying it to myself for the last five years it’s, ‘Home is where we are,'” she shared. “You know if you are somewhere on vacation or you are in a rental or you are in transition or you have to move from one state to the next, if you’re together, that’s where home is.”

Barrymore got the tattoo done while conducting the remainder of her show, revealing the new body art at the very end. The ink runs up the center of her right forearm right above where she’d previously had her daughters’ names tattooed. 

“Home is where we are and wherever life takes you, if you are lucky enough to be alongside people you love then to me, that became the definition of home,” she shared. 

After thanking Ashley for the tribute, Barrymore then choked up addressing her two young daughters. 

“To my daughters if you ever get to see this episode, you are my home and I love you more than anything. You are the reason I understand my whole life because of you so thank you, you are my home,” she said through tears. 


Barrymore recently opened up to ET about the importance of moms taking care of themselves in addition to their kids. 

“You know as a parent, when you’re not leaning in enough,” she said. “So listen to that meter. I think for most parents like you probably are doing a phenomenal job… The only advice I have for a mom to be present is when she is by herself. That’s when they should be present!”

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