Drew Barrymore Hypes Britney Spears and 'Hold Me Closer' with Video Message

Drew Barrymore is hyping up Britney Spears, congratulating her dear friend on the heels of a chart-topping song release … and TMZ has the video messages they exchanged!!!

Drew is over the moon for Britney’s success with her Elton John collab, “Hold Me Closer,” so she sent Britney a congratulatory message on video … and it’s some over-the-top cheerleading.

As Drew puts it, seeing Britney’s song rocket to No. 1 is “too f****** important” for a simple text message … hence the video congrats, complete with its own musical element.

Britney sent Drew a message in response, telling DB the praise from her “crazy sexy” friend is much needed … and expressing how proud she is to be back on top of the music world.

As you know, Britney and Elton just released their highly-anticipated collab, and the song is now No. 1 in 40 countries, including the U.S. and England.

Drew and Britney are super close … she went to Britney’s wedding to Sam Asghari … and Britney makes it clear she wants to get together and take some fun pics.

The video exchange gives a ton of insight into Britney and Drew’s friendship … and it’s great to see Britney getting love and support from her pals.

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