Drew Barrymore's 'Signature Dish' Was Takeout, Now It's Her 'Smoky' Spaghetti

In Rebel Homemaker, a lifestyle and cookbook by Drew Barrymore, she confesses her “signature dish” used to be ordering takeout. But the pandemic and isolation with her two daughters helped redefine her lifestyle. So, now her “signature dish” is her take on a simple favorite for many — spaghetti. Keep reading to find out what she uses to give her sauce “a smoky and delicious” flavor she fell in love with.

How Drew Barrymore changed her lifestyle in isolation

As Barrymore shares in Rebel Homemaker, she went into isolation with her daughters, Olive and Frankie, for months at the outset of the COVID pandemic. Like many others, they were terrified of the concerning things happening in the world around them and the possibility of sickness.

So, Barrymore planted a vegetable garden and bought her daughters, Frankie and Olive, chicks, among other lifestyle changes. She wanted the family to focus on things that “represented life” to take their minds off the fear of death.

In time, they all found their new normal at home. Barrymore worked to get The Drew Barrymore Show on air and eventually started working on Rebel Homemaker. And as more time passed, she said her “signature dish” went from calling for takeout to spaghetti with a spicy twist.

Drew Barrymore’s harissa spaghetti has a ‘smoky and delicious’ flavor she fell in love with

Now, Barrymore says she prefers spaghetti as her signature dish because it’s an easy-to-make meal with yummy ingredients. She recommends chickpea noodles and other pantry finds, like canned tomatoes and dried herbs and seasonings.

“Or you could make yourself look like a fancy pants and buy fresh cherry tomatoes and fresh basil and simmer that garlic like a real chef,” she notes.

Some ingredients may vary, but one is crucial for the taste. To give the sauce that “smoky and delicious” flavor she loves, she adds two to three tablespoons of harissa paste.

“This is a dish I can confidently whip up anytime, anywhere,” the one-time child actor shares in Rebel Homemaker, where she also provides a complete, step-by-step recipe for her signature harissa spaghetti.

Drew Barrymore wants you to make her spaghetti in a ‘Beautiful’ kitchen

In Barrymore’s quest to beautify her own home space, she became interested in kitchenware. The result is her Beautiful line of appliances, cookware, and gadgets, available at Wal-Mart.

The company’s story reads, “We always wondered why most kitchen appliances are black or stainless steel. Why not make elegant objects that look good on your kitchen counter?”

In Rebel Homemaker, Barrymore shares she wanted to help design appliances that look “timeless [and] innovative” since we’re “forced to look at [them] every day.”

And, the eco-friendly icon says the Beautiful devices don’t just look great in the kitchen. “… They work incredibly well, too,” she promises. “… I am confident in the happiness in the result.”

So, they’re designed to be gorgeous, last, and perform well. They have comfortable grips and dishwasher-safe parts for easy frequent use. And they come in various pretty colors, including sage and cornflower blue. That’s a lot to love!

And debatably, there’s no better way for a Barrymore fan to cook her harissa spaghetti than by using products she had a hand in designing.

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