Emily Ratajkowski places her growing baby bump on full display

Emily Ratajkowski puts her growing baby bump on display in a bathing suit that has strings crossing her body: ‘Pregnant on a boat’

Emily Ratajkowski is enjoying dressing up her baby bump.

On Thursday, the 29-year-old supermodel posted a snap to her Instagram account where she was in a complicated looking swimsuit as she posed on the side of a boat in the waters off New York City.   

‘Pregnant on a boat,’ the siren said matter of factly in her caption. 

Sailing away: Emily Ratajkowski posted a photo to her Instagram account on Thursday picturing her showing off her baby bump as she relaxed on a boat

Ratajkowski was seen wearing the George’s one-piece bathing suit in black from her very own clothing label, Inamorata.

The model’s pregnant belly was on display as she positioned herself slightly in profile for her 27 million followers.

She accessorized with a set of gold earrings and a pair of rectangular sunglasses with wide tortoiseshell frames.

Looking good! Ratajkowski has been very active with her modeling career during her pregnancy, and many of her recent photoshoots accentuate her growing stomach

Her gorgeous brunette hair stayed messy and hung down her backside. 

Ratajkowski has been featured in multiple promotional photos for her brand in the past.

And she has not shied away from the camera during her pregnancy. 

Doing her own thing: Many of the supermodel’s recent promotional photos have been for her own personal clothing line entitled Inamorata

One of her more recent features for Inamorata came in December when she modeled the fashion line’s Vita mesh stretch dress.

The social media personality again opted for a photo in profile to highlight both her baby bump and natural beauty at the same time. 

Not long after initially announcing her pregnancy, she was featured in another promotional photo for Inamorata, this time wearing a sleeveless high neck t-shirt that was cropped to show off her baby bump.

She could also be seen in a pair of pants that featured similar colors to her top, albeit with a different print. 

Facts: During an interview, Ratajkowski opened up about her opinions on self-esteem and remarked that ‘confidence isn’t something that comes from what you see in the mirror’

In an interview with Elle, Ratajkowski spoke about her attitude on confidence and how her opinion on the matter changes from day to day.

‘I think that confidence isn’t something that comes from what you see in the mirror, it’s about how you feel, as cheesy as that sounds,’ she opined. 

The supermodel then elaborated on how, when she is not feeling good about herself, she attempts to calm down and remember that she does not have to be constantly self-critical. 

Ratajkowski noted: ‘Give yourself a break. This is a message that’s super important to me. I feel like women, and young women especially, are just so hard on themselves and constantly comparing themselves.’ 

Taking it easy: The supermodel also spoke about how she has hard days like any other person, and when she feels exhausted and worked up over something, she tells herself to relax and not hold herself to such a high standard

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