EXCLUSIVE: Kerry Katona brands ex Brian McFadden a 's**t dad'

EXCLUSIVE: Kerry Katona brands ex Brian McFadden a ‘s**t dad’ and claims she didn’t get any child maintenance money from him: ‘I’m the one who provides for our children!’

Kerry Katona has branded her ex-husband Brian McFadden a ‘s**t dad’ as she claimed he hasn’t paid her any child maintenance in a scathing interview.

The former Atomic Kitten star, 42, claimed that ‘she’s the one’ who has always provided for their two daughters, after he signed away the right to pay them maintenance when they divorced in 2006.

Speaking to entrepreneur Ellie McKay on her On A Mission Podcast, Kerry insisted she ‘didn’t want’ any of Brian’s money, and the fact he hasn’t been there as much has ‘really bothered’ their daughters Molly, 21, and Lilly, 20.

Referring to her children with Brian, Kerry said: ‘I’m the one who provides for them [referring to hers and Brian’s children], I didn’t get maintenance money off Brian. 

‘I signed a piece of paper saying, ”you can keep your money, give me me kids”. ‘

Hitting out: Kerry Katona has branded her ex-husband Brian McFadden a ‘s**t dad’ as she claimed he hasn’t paid her any child maintenance in a scathing interview

As host Ellie asked her why, Kerry added: ‘I didn’t want his f*****g money, I wanted my kids. He didn’t want to get divorced in England because we got married in Ireland.

‘We had to legally be separated, if like for six years, before we could get divorced.

‘I didn’t want that, if Brian doesn’t love me I want a divorce, so I wanted to get divorced in England, because I was an English citizen.

‘There was a ”Ray Parlour situation” in football where the wife is entitled to half of his money for the rest of his life. So Brian was s******g himself.

‘I said look if you don’t want me, you don’t love me, I don’t want your money, just give me half the money from the house that we sell, and I will sign a piece of paper, just give me my kids. I signed the piece of paper, I got the kids, and he f****d off to Australia.’

As Ellie asked: ‘But as a dad surely he has got a duty of care?’ Kerry explained: ‘He was a s**t dad, he was a s**t dad.

‘I think that really bothers the two girls especially now because he is a great dad with Ruby.’ 

Speaking to MailOnline in 2022, Kerry claimed her that ex-husband had not been a great dad to their two daughters.

Claims: The former Atomic Kitten star claimed that ‘she’s the one’ who has always provided for their two daughters, after he signed away the right to pay them maintenance

Hitting out: Speaking to entrepreneur Ellie McKay on her On A Mission Podcast , Kerry insisted she ‘didn’t want’ any of Brian’s money

The former singer explained the difference that the 19 year age gap has made between Brian’s children, admitting: ‘I think it hurts Molly and Lilly that he’s a better dad this time around but they’ve accepted it’. 

Brian has previously admitted that he has more time to be a hands-on dad now – sharing that he ‘missed so much’ of Molly and Lilly’s childhoods. 

Last September, Kerry was pictured with Brian for the first time since they split and she admitted to wishing they had worked together better as a family sooner.   

She explained: ‘We’ve missed out on a lot we could have done together as a blended family. 

‘He’s not a bad man, he’s just not the greatest of dads. But he’s a great dad to Ruby.’ 

Controversy: As Ellie asked: ‘But as a dad surely he has got a duty of care?’ Kerry explained: ‘He was a s**t dad, he was a s**t dad’

It comes after Kerry admitted she ‘doesn’t blame’ Brian for leaving her, reasoning that ‘you can’t force somebody to love you.’ 

The reality star met the Westlife singer in 1999 and they tied the knot three years later.

Yet their union was doomed from the start, with Brian admitting he cheated on his wife-to-be on the night of his stag do with a lap dancer. 

The couple split in 2006 and Kerry has since revealed that the singer’s infidelity triggered childhood trauma that stemmed from seeking approval from her mother Sue, who suffered with mental health issues, and spending time in foster homes. 

Appearing on Slingo’s Getting Lippy Gossip Show alongside host Emma Conybeare and MailOnline’s Rebecca Lawrence, Kerry said of her love life: ‘There are lessons to learn. Brian leaving me I can’t blame Brian.’

She continued: ‘You can’t force somebody to love you if someone falls out of love with you. It took me a long time to get over this but if somebody doesn’t want to be with you can’t force them to stay with you and Brian didn’t want to be with me.

‘I think after he first cheated on me on his stag do you know the trust had just gone.

‘But now I analyse things that was a trigger for me when Brian left me because it was like me mum always tried to leave me.

New love: Kerry is now engaged to fitness coach Ryan Mahoney, who she has been dating for five years

‘I met Brian and he kind of took me away from that and I went to live in Ireland, I got pregnant and I got away from all. 

‘I didn’t want to be rich and famous I wanted to be a woman in love so desperately, I wanted that family unity, and that’s what I realised I kept putting on my kids every time I got with a man because I thought they can’t have a broken home.’

Kerry went on to marry second husband Mark Croft in 2007, splitting in 2011, and the exes share daughter Heidi, 16, and son Maxwell, 15.

She was married to the late George Kay from 2014 to 2017 and they had daughter Dylan-Jorge, nine

She is now engaged to fitness coach Ryan Mahoney, who she has been dating for five years. 

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Brian McFadden for comment. 

Atomic Smitten: Kerry’s Ex Factor

While Kerry Katona has much to celebrate with the joyous news that she’s taking another trip down the aisle, her road to romantic bliss has been quite the rocky one. The Warrington native has already made three trips down the aisle, with each marriage coming to a tumultuous end. And with a handful of relationships in between, it’s fair to say that the star now deserves her shot at happily ever after. Below is a list of the star’s marriages and relationships. 

BRIAN McFADDEN (1999-2004)

It was a match made in pop heaven when Kerry and BrianMcFadden met while their respective bands, Atomic Kitten and Westlife, toured together in 1999. Such a whirlwind was their romance that Brian proposed within three months of the pair getting together and they welcomed their daughter Molly in 2001. A lavish celebrity wedding followed in 2002, and a year later, they welcomed their second daughter, Lily-Sue.  But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be, as in 2004 the couple announced their separation amid allegations Brian had cheated on Kerry with a lapdancer. Heartbroken Kerry was granted a quickie divorce.


DAN CORSI (2004)

Kerry very briefly got back together with her ex, Dan Corsi, who she first dated in 1998. During their time together, they visited Kerry’s native Warrington and were also seen partying up a storm at London hotspot-of-the-moment Pangaea. Dan boasted about bedding the star, saying: ‘Spending the night with Kerry was all I hoped it would be. I thought she’d find it hard to be with someone else after being with Brian for five years, but it felt natural.’ However, friends reportedly feared that Dan was just cashing in on Kerry’s fame, amid reports he still lived with his ex, while simultaneously texting another former flame.  It took just six weeks of rekindled romance before Kerry, feeling that it was too soon after the breakdown of her marriage to embark on another relationship, reportedly dumped Dan over the phone. Surprisingly, her ex-husband Brian publicly shared his opinions on Dan, telling The Mirror at the time: ‘I‘ve known him for a while and I know he’s not the one for her. I don’t want her to get hurt. Despite everything that’s gone on, I just want her to be happy.’



In huge contrast to her glitzy showbiz marriage, Kerry embarked on a romance with her former childhood sweetheart, Dave Cunningham, with the couple announcing their engagement in 2005. However, it wasn’t long before their relationship hit the rocks, with the pair getting into a furious row while holidaying in Spain, amid rumours Dave had been seeing his ex-girlfriend behind her back. A source told People at the time:Kerry is devastated. After everything she has gone through this year she truly believed Dave could be her saviour. Then the shocking revelations about his ex emerged.’


MARK CROFT (2005-2010)

Six weeks after her split, Kerry was swept off her feet by taxi driver Mark Croft. He proposed in 2006 after just six weeks of dating, and they tied the knot on Valentine’s Day 2007. Their marriage produced two children: daughter Heidi and son Maxwell. However, the union came about during a tumultuous time in Kerry’s life, as she watched her fortune (which once peaked at £6.8million) dwindle to the point that she was declared bankrupt. During her marriage, she also made her infamous appearance on ITV’s This Morning, where her slurred speech prompted concern among viewers. She ultimately admitted to a cocaine addiction, as she confessed: ‘I hated my life. I’d lie in bed for three days in a row doing cocaine with Mark. We did coke in our en suite and had a lock on the door. The kids knew if the bathroom door was locked they mustn’t come in.’ After having even considered suicide during their marriage, the couple split in 2010. Mark would later admit that he ‘bled Kerry dry’ during their ill-fated relationship.



She also dated Emily In Paris star Lucien Laviscount 12 years ago. Lucien and Kerry met during their time on Celebrity Big Brother in 2011, when he was 19 at the time and she was 31. At the time, Lucien described Kerry as ‘amazing’, adding: ‘When I’m with her, I don’t feel like there’s an age gap at all.’ Back then, Kerry dubbed them ‘friends with benefits’, later admitting they called it quits because “I would never want to take his childhood away from him!” 12 years after their whirlwind romance, Kerry broke her silence on their viral relationship as she branded Lucien ‘charming’ and ‘talented’. She told OK! Magazine recently: ‘Apparently my OK! magazine cover from 2011 with my former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lucien Laviscount has gone viral on social media! ‘Lucien was very charming and obviously easy on the eye, and it was all just a bit of fun.’



Kerry famously dated artist Steve Alce back in 2012 and said she was going to marry him just weeks into their relationship. After meeting at a glitzy sports dinner in, he moved into her Cheshire home just a couple of months later. But less than a year later the fast-moving romance was over. She sensationally dumped lover Steve because he was ‘too boring’. The reality star clashed with artist Steve and booted him out of her house branding him ‘too reliable and dull’. A friend told The People: Kerry was smitten at first, she loved that he wasn’t interested in all the celebrity glitz and glamour.’ 


DAN FODEN (2012)

Kerry couldn’t believe her luck when she bagged a date with hunky Take Me Out contestant Dan Foden that same year, but within weeks their relationship was over. She told a friend back then: ‘I can’t believe I’ve pulled him. He’s dead fit he’s gorgeous. He’s got plenty of money, and the best part is he has no kids and no ex-wife.’ But game show contestant Dan struggled with having his life in the public eye and hinted that their relationship was moving too fast. 


GEORGE KAY (2012-2017)

It appeared that a change of fortune was on the cards for Kerry 2012, when she met George Kay, who at the time was working as her driver. Sparks flew between the pair, prompting former rugby player George to pop the question at the top of Blackpool Tower in April 2013. exactly one year later, more joy was brought into their home when Kerry gave birth to their daughter Dylan-Jorge. A trip down the aisle followed in September 2014, and it seemed that Kerry had finally found the elusive One. But trouble entered their relationship just two months after the wedding, when George was hospitalised after showing ‘signs of a stroke’, leaving Kerry struggling to cope. Her struggles in dealing with George’s behaviour led to the couple splitting, though they would eventually get back together and renew their wedding vows. However, things would eventually come to a complete end in 2017, amid accusations of domestic violence on George’s part. But the heartbreak didn’t end there, as in July 2019, George unexpectedly passed away aged 39.



It took just weeks for the star to embark on a new relationship following her spit from George. Showing she was a woman of the times, Kerry went Instagram official with her handsome new boyfriend James English in 2017. And while the numerous posts of herself spending time with the Scottish comedian were shared on social media, the pair soon quietly went their separate ways within just two months. In fact, their split was so quiet that it wasn’t noticed until the star spoke about being a singleton once again. 


RYAN MAHONEY (2018 – present)

Kerry met personal trainer Ryan in 2018 after they matched on the dating app Bumble. The pair briefly called it quits following a make-or-break trip to Thailand, but rekindled their romance in 2019. 

After spending much of the Covid lockdown together, Ryan proposed to Kerry in 2021, and they’re still going strong with a wedding on the horizon. 

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