Fan Asks Cardi B to High School Homecoming Dance as She Leaves Court

Cardi B‘s back in court for a new legal battle … a development a bunch of local teenagers is fully aware of because one of ’em showed up at court to offer her a night of dancing!!!

Cardi was leaving court in Santa Ana, CA Wednesday when a swarm of young fans met her outside the courthouse, clearly thrilled to get a glimpse of the rapper.

One in the crowd decided to shoot his shot … walking up to Cardi and asking if she’d hit up the homecoming dance with him — no answer, but we’re guessing she’s got her hands full at the moment. Bold move, though, kid!

As we reported, CB is in a legal battle over the cover art for her “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1” mixtape … which shows a guy with a bunch of back tattoos goin’ down on her.

The guy in question — Kevin Brophy — filed docs back in 2017, claiming he’s the guy in the pic, but claimed he didn’t authorize her to use his image. He added he’s never met or even spoken to Cardi or her people.

He’s seeking $5M from the artist over the appearance of his tats, reportedly telling the court he felt “humiliated” by what he was depicted doing on the album cover.

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