Fans Think Taylor Swift’s Outfit on the Fearless Cover Is a Hidden Message

The Swifties have uncovered yet another hidden message. This time it has to do with Taylor's album cover fashion choice.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that in her new re-recorded Fearless album cover, Swift is wearing a shirt that appears to be the same style shirt that "Romeo" was wearing in the original Love Story music video. AKA she's her own Romeo now.

Fans are known for finding little Easter eggs and hidden messages in practically everything Taylor does. But we have to admit, this attention to detail is *chef's kiss.*

Swift only announced the drop on Thursday morning on Good Morning America ahead of the midnight re-release of Love Story on Friday — and she added that the re-recorded version of the Fearless album will be coming soon after. Plus, there will be some bonus tracks we have yet to hear.

"I've decided to add songs from the vault," she said. "Now everyone will be able to hear not only songs that made the album but the ones that almost made it. The full picture."

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The Lover singer has decided to re-record her old music for the purpose of gaining artistic and financial control over her work after her record label sold her music for $300 million.

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