Fat Joe Gets New Custom 'Mandarin Oriental' $450k Rolls-Royce

It’s a new year, and for Fat Joe, that means a new Rolls-Royce … he just got his custom ride, and it’s worth around $450K.

The NY rapper ordered his 2022 RR Cullinan months ago, and he had it delivered straight to car designer Will Castro from the show ‘Unique Rides’ … in true Fat Joe fashion.

Will Castro tells TMZ … he and Joe decided on the name “Mandarin Oriental Edition” after pimping out his ride with two-tone matte black wrap and mandarin orange accents.

The factory chrome was wrapped in gloss black … and the interior includes some pretty sweet features like a shooting star headliner, custom Mandarin orange leather with matching key fob and lambswool floor mats.

Fat Joe isn’t new to the game. He’s worked with Will on all of his cars over the last 20 years … and of course, his many Rolls-Royces.

Fat Joe actually picked up a new Rolls-Royce in 2019 and took it to Will to get it decked out … that time, he also spent nearly a half mil.

As far as making it rain on a new set of wheels, seems like Fat Joe isn’t letting up anytime soon.

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