Frustrated Twitter Fans Accuse Floyd Mayweather & Logan Paul Of 'Legalized Bank Robbery' Following Fight!

Well that was something to see… Kind of…

Logan Paul officially survived his much-anticipated eight-round bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Sunday night, avoiding a knockout and leaving the ring with his head still intact with his body. Since the fight was an exhibition match, though, there was no declared winner by design — and now, fans are starting to realize they may have been duped!

For his part, the 44-year-old longtime professional boxer walked away from the fight decidedly impressed with Paul. In his post-match press conference, Money Mayweather said (below):

“I had fun. You’ve got to realize, I’m not 21 anymore but it’s good to move around with these guys and test my skills just to have fun. He was better than I thought he was. He’s a tough, rough competitor. And I was surprised by him tonight. Even though he doesn’t have that much experience, he knew how to use his weight and tie me up tonight.”

That’s certainly something!

Still, it’s fair to see many fans didn’t enjoy that same takeaway after the match was over. In fact, we found LOTS of angry viewers more than ready to take their frustrations out online!

Boxing commentators pointed out the obvious financial implications of a stunt like this:

Meanwhile, fans memed their reaction to seeing all that money come in for an eight-round snoozer:

Speaking of snoozers, lots of followers made light of how little hard contact there was between boxers:

And of course, they couldn’t resist commenting on Money Mayweather raking in one more big payday (below), which Sports Illustrated estimated could be as high as $100 million for the eight-round exhibition:


Where do we sign up??


Fans were clearly fed up afterward, with some going so far as to call these celebrity exhibitions out as being “fixed”:

“I’d like to say it was entertaining, but I pretty much got to see the fight entirely through short-clips and gifs on Twitter and the Twitter commentary was more enjoyable.”

“All the boxing platforms should be ashamed of themselves promoting that, hook line and sinker, the pauls would go away if everyone just ignored them”

“People really should stop paying to watch these fixed fights. Don’t they know their being gaslit ffs?

Others were even more direct, calling the fight a “grift” and “legalized robbery” while pondering whether they should ask for refunds (below):

“The grift was a success, and they’re just expressing their happiness.”

“If people haven’t figured out that it’s only about the money for Mayweather, they deserve to be separated from their $50.”

“Feel sorry for anyone who actually bought the PPV #robbery”

“I watched it for free and need a refund.”

“They about to lose it too. Refunds are about to come right in”

“Huge payday for them both and they just danced around for 8 rounds. So now the rematch will be an even bigger pay day.”

“Legalized bank robbery… yeah I was f**king robbed.”

What about Logan, though?

After all, he did go eight rounds with the champ and survived to tell about it!

Some weren’t prepared to give the YouTube sensation any credit, instead criticizing him for slowing down the battle:

“Logan was hugging the whole fight”

“i feel like i just spent my money on two guys hugging”

“Logan will surely take good care of that check, after all the holding he did to money may”

“Man floyd won every round Logan paul was hugging trying to survive”

But others were nevertheless impressed. Heck, Logan stepped into the ring as an amateur and didn’t get absolutely demolished — and that means something:

“Mayweather had 8 rounds to knock him out and didn’t. Logan did everything he needed for his skill level. That’s kind of the point though, he is so inexperienced compared to Floyd. Shocking he didnt destroy him further.”

“Was actually a solid fight and was entertaining gonna be cool to see if logan ends up continuing this career I think he could be a great boxer honestly”

“That was actually an impressive performance from Logan”

“No two ways about it Floyd seriously embarrassed himself and stole the money. It was not even an exhibition boxing match. Paul comes out of it the winner having gone eight rounds with a boxing legend who did nothing. It was a sad affair and boring to boot.”


What about U, Perezcious readers?! Did U see the fight? Do U have any reactions to what went down??

Sound OFF about it down in the comments (below)…

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