Gareth Locke shares how new twins’ routine is disrupted in ‘stressful’ parenting challenge

Former Made In Chelsea star Gareth Locke-Locke said his twins are thrown off their routines if they sleep in different pods.

Gareth and Ollie Locke-Locke appeared on Lorraine on Friday, 25 August, to discuss their surrogacy journey alongside their adorable twins, Apollo Magnus Obi and Cosima Emily Bex.

The new dads have gone through quite the journey to get their adorable tots, as they have been trying for a family for a few years.

But their dream came true earlier this month after their surrogate, Bex, gave birth to Apollo who weighed 3lb 10oz, and Cosima, who was 2lb 11oz.

Back in February of this year, it was announced their surrogate mum had finally fallen pregnant after the pair have suffered many failed IVF attempts in recent years.

On Lorraine's sofa this morning, the pair were chatting about their journey to become dads and have shed some light on how fatherhood is going.

During the interview, they were asked by regular host Christine Lampard: "How's it been going though, who's up during the night, who's doing all the nappy bit."

In response, dad Gareth said: "They have their routines.

"We've got these pods next to our beds. So, he's on my side and she's on your [Ollie's] side. If we switch them round it changes their routine so that really throws them out."

Ollie then went onto add how stressful it can be with cameras on them the whole time, even in their bedroom.

The pair are filming their journey into fatherhood for their YouTube channel and calling it Our Daddy Diaries.

Ollie compared it to Big Brother as when the pair wake up they will see a camera in their face and said the footage is very raw.

Gareth then added: "Trust me the last couple of weeks has been bloody testing."

Gareth and Ollie have known each other for many years and both starred in reality TV show Made In Chelsea.

Though it is unknown how exactly the pair met, they refer to each other as childhood sweethearts as they have known one another for so long.

But just a couple of years after the started dating, the pair announced their engagement in 2019 and since then they have been on a difficult journey to have kids together.

However, the pair now share two adorable kids and told Christine on Lorraine that they plan to stay in Chelsea for a little while and their babies are getting more into routines.

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