George Strait Reveals Plans To Record New Album

In a new interview, George Strait has revealed plans to record a new album but did not disclose a time frame for its release.

The album, which would be a follow-up to the chart-topping 2019 LP Honky Tonk Time Machine, would be album No. 31 in his four-decade-long career.

“I like making records and plan on doing another one soon. I’m narrowing down my song choices now,” Strait said in an interview for the cover story of Cowboys & Indians magazine’s New Year issue.

He continued. “I’ve always said I’m a melody guy. A great melody can sell a song the best. A great lyric with a lousy melody maybe not so much, but a great lyric along with a great melody is obviously what you’re looking to create.”

Strait indicated that he will be co-writing the songs on the upcoming album with his long-time collaborator Dean Dillon.

“It’s been great to see Bubba get into songwriting, guitar, and performing,” he said. “I love writing with him and we’ll have some new things for the next record.”

Strait, whose country music career started in the 1980’s, said, “I just always knew that I wanted a career like Merle Haggard or George Jones. I wanted to still be relevant when I got older. Those guys are still relevant and always will be in my book.”

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